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John Love

John W. Love Professional Corporation | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 1997


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John W. Love Professional Corporation
615 Alexander Crescent Northwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2M 4B4
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John Love, currently steering his own venture at John W. Love Professional Corporation, embodies a wealth of expertise in commercial real estate and regulatory land law, a testament to over two decades in the legal field. His journey through the legal landscape includes significant roles at prominent firms and companies, encapsulating a broad spectrum of responsibilities and achievements. Love's career is marked not only by his positions but also by his decision to pivot towards running his own firm after years of contributing to national firms and a major energy infrastructure company.

Before establishing his corporation, Love delved into various challenging environments that shaped his professional path. He started his career at Norton Rose Fulbright, where he honed his skills for more than thirteen years, tackling intricate legal issues as a Senior Associate. His tenure at Norton Rose was marked by a keen focus on developing a nuanced understanding of the law, preparing him for subsequent roles that would further expand his legal acumen.

Following his long stint at Norton Rose Fulbright, Love took on the role of Senior Associate at Gowling WLG. Although his time at Gowling was relatively brief, it was intense and formative, with a sharp focus on complex legal cases that demanded a deep analytical approach and a strategic mindset.

In 2012, Love transitioned to TC Energy, where he embraced the role of Senior Legal Counsel. Over seven years, he played a pivotal part in overseeing and advising on legal strategies, significantly influencing company policies and procedures related to real estate and land law. His contributions during this period were crucial in navigating the company through various regulatory landscapes and commercial real estate dealings.

Parallel to his role at TC Energy, Love also served as a Contract Lawyer for MT>Align, a division of McCarthy Tetrault starting in 2020. This role saw him integrating his extensive legal knowledge with practical business strategies, further underscoring his versatility and commitment to excellence in his field.

In July 2020, Love decided to channel his extensive experience into his own practice, establishing the John W. Love Professional Corporation. As President, he now leads initiatives that capitalize on his deep market understanding and legal proficiency.

Previous Work Experience:

  • Norton Rose Fulbright: Senior Associate, Jul 1997 - Nov 2010

  • Gowling WLG: Senior Associate, Nov 2010 - Jul 2011

  • TC Energy: Senior Legal Counsel, Jun 2012 - Aug 2019

  • MT>Align, McCarthy Tetrault: Contract Lawyer, Jul 2020 - Present

  • John W. Love Professional Corporation: President, Jul 2020 - Present

Through this intricate mosaic of roles and responsibilities, John Love continues to influence the realms of commercial real estate and regulatory law with his seasoned insight and proactive leadership.


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