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Jennifer Biernaskie

McLennan Ross LLP | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2010


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McLennan Ross LLP
600 3 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0G5
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Jennifer's reputation as a seasoned legal professional stems from her adeptness in resolving claims through innovative strategies in commercial litigation, insurance defense, and administrative law.

Specializing in intricate matters, Jennifer navigates the complexities of claims involving oil and gas, engineering, and professional liability with precision and diligence.

In commercial litigation, she tackles diverse contractual disputes, including shareholder conflicts, tenancy breaches, and employment agreements, often handling multifaceted cases like environmental losses and intellectual property disputes.

Jennifer's expertise extends to insurance defense, where she handles claims related to professional liability, property loss, and personal injury, offering nuanced perspectives and tailored solutions.

Clients value Jennifer's pragmatic approach and swift responsiveness, appreciating her attention to detail and commitment to cost-effective solutions.

Having represented clients across diverse industries in eastern and western Canada, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to the table, offering comprehensive advice and representation.

In her insurance practice, Jennifer serves as a trusted advisor to insurers and policyholders alike, offering insights into risk management across sectors such as aviation and automotive industries.

Her extensive trial experience spans various courts and tribunals in Alberta and Nova Scotia, demonstrating her versatility and proficiency in navigating legal proceedings.

Jennifer's client-centric approach prioritizes clarity and understanding, ensuring clients are well-informed and empowered throughout the litigation process.

Driven by a dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for her clients, Jennifer's strategic approach and unwavering advocacy underscore her commitment to excellence in legal representation.


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