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Kimberley Holland

Taylor Janis Workplace Law | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2016


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Taylor Janis Workplace Law
540 5 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0M2
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Kimberley Holland, hailing from the robust landscapes of Calgary, has emerged as a beacon of justice and advocacy in the realms of employment law and human rights. With a foundation that bridges both Alberta and British Columbia, her practice is a lifeline for those entangled in workplace disputes or discrimination, guiding clients through the murky waters of termination packages, wrongful dismissals, and the intricate weave of provincial and federal human rights issues. Kimberley's approach is both nurturing and tenacious, a combination that ensures her clients don't just receive what they are entitled to but what they rightly deserve.

Her journey in law, spanning over seven years across various law firms in Calgary, eventually led her to Taylor Janis LLP, where her skills and dedication found a perfect match in their employee-focused ethos. Kimberley's courtroom battles and negotiations echo her commitment to her clients, with a track record of appearances across several judicial and regulatory bodies including the Alberta Employment Standards Tribunal and the Canada Industrial Relations Board. Her experience is vast, from appeals to extensive trial work, underlined by six career trials and numerous successful settlements.

Before law became her calling, Kimberley's roots were planted firmly in Manitoba, where she first achieved a Red Seal trades designation. Her academic pursuits in English and Religious Studies, followed by a legal education at the University of Calgary, have imbued her with a unique perspective, enriching her legal practice. Her professional tapestry is diverse, with experiences spanning oil and gas, hospitality, and more, equipping her with a profound understanding of various industry challenges.

Colleagues and clients alike have affectionately dubbed her 'Mizz Pitbull' for her relentless advocacy, loyalty, and fierce dedication to those she represents. Beyond the legal arena, Kimberley cherishes her time exploring Alberta's majestic mountains, enjoying the company of her family and dogs, and indulging in the local stand-up comedy scene.

Kimberley Holland's story is more than a tale of legal achievements; it's a narrative of unwavering dedication to justice, empathy for those she serves, and a testament to the impact one individual can have on the lives of many. Her work not only speaks to her prowess as a lawyer but also to her character as a champion for those in need of a voice.


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