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Lorna Fadden

Fadden Law and BC First Nation Legal Help Centre | Penticton, British Columbia, Canada


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Fadden Law and BC First Nation Legal Help Centre
129 Nanaimo Avenue West, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada V2A 1N2
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Lorna joined the BCFNJC team, fueled by a profound interest in criminal law and a dedication to advocating in child protection cases, particularly from the perspective of parents. Her unique approach is shaped by a deep understanding of the ongoing impacts of colonialism, which she recognizes as a persistent source of adversity affecting her clients. Before embarking on her legal career, Lorna established herself as a forensic linguist. In this role, she conducted insightful analyses of the experiences of Indigenous clients within the criminal justice system, tracing their journeys from the point of arrest, through the trial process, and into the realities of incarceration.

An accomplished author, Lorna penned "Communicating Effectively with Indigenous Clients," a notable publication under the banner of Aboriginal Legal Services. This influential work, aimed at enhancing understanding and communication between legal professionals and Indigenous clients, is a recognized resource available through the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lorna takes immense pride in her personal life as a Métis, embracing the roles of both mother and grandmother. Her cultural heritage and family roles profoundly influence her work, imbuing her professional endeavors with a unique perspective and a deep sense of empathy and commitment.