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Jay Michi

Jensen Law Corporation | Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2015


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Jensen Law Corporation
620 Battle Street, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada V2C 2M3
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Jay, a seasoned legal professional and a pivotal member of the Jensen Law team, embarked on his distinguished journey with the firm in 2012. His legal acumen has been honed through a rich tapestry of experiences, which began prior to his relocation to Kamloops in 2011. Before this transition, Jay was immersed in the nonprofit sector in Calgary, Alberta, where he demonstrated his leadership prowess as an Executive Director.

Renowned for his expertise in litigation, Jay has masterfully navigated through numerous trials, showcasing his legal prowess as lead counsel across all judicial levels within the Province of British Columbia, including the esteemed Court of Appeal. His courtroom sagacity extends beyond British Columbia, having made significant appearances in the Court of Queen's Bench in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. These appearances were notably in high-stakes Controlled Drugs and Substances Act cases, underlining the breadth and depth of his legal expertise.

Jay's legal portfolio is marked by a diverse range of high-profile cases, including the defense of clients charged with grave offenses such as murder. His approach to each case, regardless of its scale, is characterized by unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of justice. While his current focus is predominantly on complex criminal matters, Jay's legal prowess is not confined to this arena. His professional repertoire also includes substantial contributions to administrative, employment, and personal injury law, showcasing his versatility and comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape.

In every aspect of his career, Jay has consistently demonstrated an exceptional blend of strategic thinking, legal innovation, and a deep commitment to upholding justice, making him a standout figure in the legal community and an invaluable asset to Jensen Law.