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Trevor Fowler

Lindsay Kenney LLP | Langley, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 1994


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Lindsay Kenney LLP
8621 201 Street, Langley, British Columbia, Canada V2Y 0G9
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Trevor S. Fowler, a pivotal figure at Lindsay Kenney LLP, carves his niche across a diverse legal landscape, tackling everything from the intricacies of family disputes to the complexities of financial squabbles. He's your go-to for navigating the murky waters of divorce, estate battles, and personal injury claims, not to mention a whiz in smoothing over commercial litigation hurdles, including knotty contract disagreements, shareholder tiffs, and property foreclosure messes.

Fowler's approach to law isn't just about duking it out in court. He champions the use of mediation and arbitration, tools that often turn the tide towards resolving disputes without the drag and drain of traditional courtroom battles. This strategy isn't just smart; it's savvy, saving clients time, money, and stress by addressing conflicts early and head-on, steering clear of legal quicksand that can bog down both sides.

Serving a roster that spans individuals to corporations, Fowler is a familiar face in all of British Columbia's court levels, and even the Federal Court of Canada doesn't intimidate him. With offices peppered across Langley, Vancouver, and the South Surrey/White Rock area, he's made himself accessible to a broad swath of clients.

But Fowler's life isn't all law and litigation. When he's off the clock, you're likely to find him immersed in family activities, cheering on his kids at a hockey game, or enjoying the open road on his motorcycle. His commitment extends beyond his family and clients; Fowler is deeply embedded in his community, offering his legal prowess to various charitable and sports organizations, shaping safer, stronger foundations for all involved.

A British Columbia bar member since 1994, Fowler boasts a solid academic background with degrees from the University of British Columbia in both Law and Science (Biology). His affiliations are as varied as his interests, including memberships in the Law Society of British Columbia, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia, and serving in advisory roles in several community and sports organizations.

Fowler's professional life is a testament to the power of blending legal expertise with a genuine commitment to community and family. Whether it's in the courtroom or on the community field, his impact is undeniable, making him a distinguished figure in British Columbia's legal and community spheres.


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