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Seamus Cowan

Crossroads Law | New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2018


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Crossroads Law
505 6th Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada V3L 3B9
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Seamus Cowan stands out in the Vancouver legal landscape as a family lawyer who combines deep legal insight with a genuine sense of compassion. His approach to family law is rooted in understanding and empathy, ensuring that every client navigates the complexities of familial disputes with clarity and support.

In situations where families find themselves at an impasse, Seamus prioritizes re-establishing effective communication, aiming to bring back a sense of reasonableness to the discussions. Yet, if amicable resolutions prove elusive, he is fully prepared to defend his clients' interests through rigorous litigation.

Seamus distinguishes himself by customizing his support to meet the specific circumstances of each client. He holds the conviction that clear communication is the bedrock of resolving disputes, dedicating himself to making sure his clients are both heard and comprehensively informed about their legal avenues as their cases evolve.

His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of family law matters, from handling divorces and negotiating child and spousal support to addressing complex issues related to parenting, property distribution, guardianship, child protection, and the drafting of cohabitation and separation agreements, as well as securing protection orders.

A fervent advocate for ensuring legal services are accessible to all, Seamus challenges the financial hurdles that often obstruct access to justice. He actively explores and offers alternative legal services, such as fixed-rate packages and legal coaching, to make legal support more attainable for those who might otherwise be deterred by cost.

Beyond his professional commitments, Seamus finds balance and joy in the stunning natural beauty of British Columbia, engaging in tennis, and cherishing moments with friends and family. His holistic approach to life and law underscores his belief in justice that is both fair and accessible, reflecting his dedication to serving his community with both skill and heart.


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