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Vincent Canil

Crossroads Law | New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2019


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Crossroads Law
505 6th Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada V3L 3B9
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Vincent Canil, a dedicated family lawyer, guides his clients through the complexities of family law with an approach that prioritizes peace and financial prudence. With his focus sharply on family law since his admission to the bar, Vincent takes pride in crafting personalized strategies that address the unique hurdles faced by each client. His expertise spans a wide array of family law issues, including the division of substantial assets, determining child and spousal support, navigating intricate custody scenarios, and preparing prenuptial and separation agreements.

Vincent's method is characterized by a commitment to clarity and honesty, ensuring clients understand every possible course of action, along with their respective advantages and limitations. This empowers them to make informed decisions tailored to their specific circumstances. Although Vincent considers litigation a measure of last resort, he stands ready to fiercely represent his clients in court should other avenues fall short.

In the courtrooms of British Columbia, Vincent is a known advocate, representing his clients' interests with vigor and precision across all court levels. Whether it's the Provincial or Supreme Courts, he’s a familiar face, advocating for clients throughout the province.

Driven by the conviction that quality legal advice should be accessible to all, Vincent actively seeks to bridge the gap for those from varied backgrounds, ensuring equitable and positive resolutions in family law disputes.

Dedicated to dismantling the barriers to legal assistance, Vincent offers his expertise voluntarily at the Access Pro Bono Wills Clinic, providing critical legal services to low-income seniors and individuals facing terminal illnesses.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Vincent finds balance and enjoyment in sports and nature, often seen playing tennis, hockey, or exploring the scenic trails along the West Coast. His holistic approach to life mirrors his professional ethos, emphasizing well-being, fairness, and the importance of tailored solutions in both personal and professional realms.


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