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Rachael Au-Yeung

ICBC | Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2022


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13479 108 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V3T 5T4
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In the heart of Dentons' Vancouver office, Rachel Au shines as a key player within the Employment and Labour group. Her expertise navigates through the complexities of employment disputes, championing her clients across a spectrum of issues. Whether it's tackling labour grievances, confronting human rights allegations, managing workers' compensation dilemmas, or resolving employment obligation disputes, Rachel stands ready. Her prowess is not confined to a single arena; she skillfully represents clients in a variety of legal forums including the British Columbia Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and the Federal Court of Canada, to name a few.

Rachel's journey into the realm of employment law was preceded by a diverse legal background, with significant contributions in civil litigation and foreclosure law. Her broad experience has granted her a unique perspective, allowing her to offer a comprehensive, client-focused strategy that addresses both immediate and long-term business concerns.

Her academic foundation is as impressive as her professional one, having graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology and Behavior. Rachel's time at Cornell was marked by her remarkable research in agroecology and her active participation in varsity squash, alongside securing a business minor from the Dyson School. Her pursuit of legal education led her to the University of British Columbia’s Peter A. Allard School of Law, where she specialized in Aboriginal Law and Law & Social Justice, further enriching her legal toolkit.

Rachel's commitment to the legal community extends beyond her practice. She has contributed insightful articles on emerging legal trends, particularly in workers' compensation and pay transparency laws in British Columbia. Her engagement with the legal community is further evidenced by her role as a speaker at notable conferences, where she delves into significant issues like the legal recognition of Indigenous identity.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Rachel's dedication to mentorship and community involvement stands out. As a member of the Canadian Bar Association and a director at Squash BC, she has demonstrated her commitment to fostering growth and development within her field and beyond. Her mentorship through the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers underscores her dedication to uplifting future legal minds.

Rachel's path to Dentons, marked by her summer and articling terms at the firm, has been a journey of continuous growth and contribution. Her multifaceted expertise in employment law, coupled with her broad legal background and community involvement, positions her as a formidable advocate for her clients. Rachel Au embodies a dynamic blend of legal acumen, academic excellence, and community service, making her a distinguished figure in the field of employment and labour law.


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