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Stephanie Head

PLATFORM LITIGATION | Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2017


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2725 Clarke Street , Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada V3H 0K7
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Hailing from the vibrant city of Oshawa, Ontario, Stephanie Head's journey to the legal arena is as diverse as it is inspiring. Before embarking on her law career, Stephanie's academic path led her to Dalhousie University, where she delved into the intricate worlds of Law and International Development. Her thirst for knowledge didn't stop there; it took her across continents to Budapest, Hungary, where she specialized in Human Rights Law at the Central European University. This global perspective has been a cornerstone of Stephanie's approach to law, enriching her understanding and advocacy in human rights.

Stephanie's legal roots were planted at RTG Law in the bustling heart of downtown Vancouver, where she cut her teeth on a myriad of challenging legal battles. Here, she honed her skills, navigating the complexities of the legal system across Provincial, Supreme, and Appellate Courts. This period was crucial in shaping her as a formidable advocate, capable of addressing intricate legal issues with precision and acumen.

Now, Stephanie's practice spans the broad terrains of criminal law and general small claims litigation. Whether presenting cases before various levels of the British Columbia courts or advocating at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, her dedication to securing favorable outcomes for her clients is unwavering. Known for her meticulous attention to client needs, Stephanie's work ethic and commitment to justice are evident in every case she undertakes.

Stephanie's academic accomplishments speak volumes of her dedication and passion for law:

  • Juris Doctor from Thompson Rivers University, 2016.

  • Specialization in Human Rights Law from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 2016.

  • Bachelor of International Development from Dalhousie University/University of King's College, 2012.

Her professional life is complemented by active memberships in esteemed legal associations:

  • Law Society of British Columbia

  • Canadian Bar Association

  • Trial Lawyers Association of BC

Beyond the courtroom, Stephanie's passions extend to the realms of travel, sports, and culture. Her experiences living in Korea and traversing Asia have not only nurtured a love for Asian cuisine and traditions but have also broadened her worldview, further enhancing her empathy and understanding in her legal practice. From braving the waves at Tofino beach to engaging in the camaraderie of rugby and basketball, Stephanie's dynamic off-duty pursuits mirror her vigorous and versatile approach to law.

Professional Milestones:

  • Cut her teeth at RTG Law in Vancouver.

  • Built a diverse practice in criminal law and small claims litigation.

  • Argued cases across all court levels in British Columbia and the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

  • Cemented her reputation for exceptional client service and diligent case management.


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