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Brian Mickelson

Mickelson & Whysall Law Corporation | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 1985


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Mickelson & Whysall Law Corporation
128 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 1R8
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Brian Mickelson brings to the table over three decades of dedicated criminal defense practice, holding the unique distinction of being admitted to the Bar in both British Columbia and California. His career is marked by an unwavering commitment to defending the accused, underscored by his exceptional track record in securing acquittals in notably challenging cases.

Brian's expertise spans a diverse array of criminal charges, including impaired driving, various motor vehicle offenses, domestic and general assault cases, as well as serious allegations of sexual assault. His legal acumen is not confined to one level of the judiciary; he has advocated for his clients across multiple courts, from the Provincial and Supreme Courts in both British Columbia and Alberta to the prestigious BC Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Originating from Vancouver, Brian's educational journey encompasses both history and law degrees from the University of British Columbia. This foundation has not only contributed to his profound understanding of the law but has also honed his skills in advocacy. Known for his forceful and uncompromising representation, Brian's success in the courtroom has garnered him respect from both his clientele and his peers within the legal community.


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