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Deanna Okun-Nachoff

McCrea Immigration Law LLP | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2003


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McCrea Immigration Law LLP
560 Beatty Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 2L3
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Deanna Okun-Nachoff, a partner at McCrea Immigration Law, stands as a beacon of expertise and compassion in the realm of Canadian immigration law. Esteemed for her unparalleled skills as an immigration litigator, Deanna's professional journey is a testament to her commitment to justice and her profound empathy for those she serves. Since joining the firm in 2010, she has distinguished herself not only through her legal prowess but also through her personable nature, making her an invaluable ally and the kindest colleague one could hope for.

Deanna's legal odyssey was sparked in her early career while serving as the executive director and staff lawyer at a nonprofit dedicated to foreign live-in caregivers. It was there that she developed a deep-seated passion for immigration law, particularly in the areas of live-in caregivers, medical inadmissibility, and human trafficking. Her litigation talents have shone brightly in the Federal Court and the Immigration and Refugee Board, where she has been a formidable advocate, winning cases with both skill and a touch of grace.

Her role extends beyond the courtroom. Deanna is a prominent voice at various conferences and grassroots organizations, advocating for immigration law reforms and sharing her extensive knowledge. She is also an avid participant in the ongoing “cutest office dog” competition, showcasing her lighter side and love for pets.

As a co-host of the Borderlines podcast since July 2016, Deanna has ventured into digital media, expanding her influence to Soundcloud, Apple podcasts, and recently, YouTube. This platform allows her to dissect complex immigration issues, making her insights accessible to a wider audience.

Previous Work Experience:

  • Co-host of the Borderlines podcast.

  • Partner at McCrea Immigration Law since August 2010.

  • Board Member at MOSAIC from 2012 to 2018.

  • Staff Lawyer/Executive Director at West Coast Domestic Workers' Association from March 2004 to February 2010.

Deanna's educational background, with a law degree from The University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Trent University, provides a solid foundation for her legal and ethical considerations in practice.

Not only has Deanna excelled in her legal career, but she has also made significant contributions outside the courtroom. Her involvement with MOSAIC and the West Coast Domestic Workers' Association highlights her dedication to serving immigrant communities and advocating for their rights. Her work has not gone unnoticed, earning endorsements from colleagues and gratitude from clients who have benefited from her thoughtful, innovative, and compassionate approach to immigration law.

Deanna Okun-Nachoff's career is a blend of high-level legal expertise, community service, and advocacy, making her a respected figure in Canadian immigration law and an inspiration to many in the legal community.


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