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Ryan Neely

McCrea Immigration Law LLP | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2004


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McCrea Immigration Law LLP
560 Beatty Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 2L3
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Ryan Neely's transition from a seasoned fly fishing guide to a distinguished immigration lawyer has been as seamless as it has been unique. His journey, characterized by a blend of focus, persistence, and an innate ability to navigate complex currents—whether in rivers or in the intricacies of immigration law—speaks volumes about his adaptable skill set. Now a partner at McCrea Immigration Law since 2021, Ryan brings to the table over 15 years of leadership in the immigration sector from a prestigious regional firm.

Beyond his legal acumen, Ryan's roots in Kelowna have nourished a deep connection with the community, advising numerous local companies and individuals. His penchant for the great outdoors, evident from his days as a ski instructor, sees him regularly enjoying the renowned Okanagan ski slopes.

Among Canada's legal circles, Ryan is celebrated for his expertise, a fact underscored by his continuous recognition by "Best Lawyers Canada" from 2019 onwards and the prestigious "Lawyer of the Year" award in 2022. Clients and colleagues alike value not only his legal prowess but also his engaging sense of humor.

Specializing in corporate immigration, compliance strategies, work permits, skilled permanent residence, spousal sponsorships, and citizenship applications, Ryan's approach is tailored to the unique needs of clients in the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, and beyond. His prior experience as a fly fishing guide has undoubtedly enriched his capacity to steer clients through the often tumultuous waters of immigration law with clarity and assurance.

Previous Work Experience:

  • Partner at McCrea Immigration Law, starting January 2021.

  • Led the immigration practice at a leading regional law firm for over 15 years.

  • Served as Associate Counsel - Immigration Lawyer at Farris LLP from 2002 until his transition to McCrea in January 2021.

Ryan's commitment to excellence in immigration law is mirrored in his proactive approach to client service. He excels in crafting strategic solutions that not only address immediate immigration needs but also anticipate future challenges. His previous role at Farris LLP, where he was instrumental in guiding the firm's immigration practice, combined with his current position at McCrea Immigration Law, enables Ryan to offer comprehensive, sophisticated immigration counsel backed by years of firsthand experience.

Educated at The University of British Columbia, where he earned his Doctor of Law (J.D.), and the University of Montana, with a B.Sc. in Management, Ryan's educational background lays a solid foundation for his legal practice. His blend of management insight and legal expertise equips him with a unique perspective on immigration law, making him a sought-after advisor for businesses and individuals alike navigating the complexities of Canadian immigration policy.

In essence, Ryan Neely's career is a testament to the power of diverse experiences, showcasing how skills honed in one area of life can profoundly impact another, especially in the realm of immigration law.


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