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Jennifer Kwok

Overholt Law LLP | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 2005


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Overholt Law LLP
889 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 3B2
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Jennifer Kwok, a partner at Overholt Law LLP, brings a rich tapestry of experience to her practice in employment law, labour relations, and human rights. With a knack for navigating the complexities of the workplace, she offers sage advice to both employers and employees. Her guidance spans the spectrum from hiring and termination procedures, crafting employment contracts, to devising workplace policies. Jennifer is not just about advising; she's hands-on, ready to conduct third-party investigations into workplace harassment and discrimination, and to offer tailored training sessions.

Her commitment to delivering practical, bespoke solutions is rooted in a genuine desire to understand her clients' unique challenges and goals. It's this personalized approach that sets her apart, ensuring that her counsel not only addresses the issue at hand but also aligns with her clients' broader objectives.

Before her tenure at Overholt Law, Jennifer's career path was both varied and vibrant. She embarked on her legal journey with a two-year clerkship at the Federal Court of Canada, a foundational experience that honed her analytical skills. She then sharpened her legal acumen at a prominent national law firm in Vancouver, an experience that culminated in her admission to the Bar. However, Jennifer's career took an unexpected turn when she joined the Vancouver Police Department in 2006. As a Patrol Constable, she was on the front lines, responding to emergency calls and investigating criminal offences for nearly seven years—a tenure that endowed her with a profound understanding of the law in action.

Returning to law in 2013 with Overholt Law, Jennifer brought with her a wealth of real-world experiences that enrich her legal practice. Beyond her professional life, she is deeply engaged with the community. Her role as a sessional instructor at the Justice Institute of British Columbia underscores her commitment to educating the next generation of legal practitioners. Jennifer's competitive spirit shines through in her passion for Ultimate Frisbee, a sport in which she has not only competed at the World Championships but also coached, embodying the spirit of teamwork and leadership.

Her interests extend beyond the legal and sporting arenas. Jennifer is an avid painter and traveller, always eager to explore new landscapes and cultures. Her adventurous spirit is equally evident in her pursuit of mountain biking, a hobby that tests her limits and resilience.

Jennifer's journey is a testament to the fact that a rich tapestry of experiences can inform and enhance one's professional pursuits. Her diverse background, from the courtroom to the police beat, and even the Ultimate field, provides her with a unique perspective on law and life, making her a formidable advocate for her clients and a role model for aspiring legal professionals.

Previous Work Experience:

  • Federal Court of Canada, Clerkship (2 years)

  • Articled at a large national law firm in downtown Vancouver

  • Vancouver Police Department, Patrol Constable in south-east Vancouver (almost 7 years)

  • Overholt Law LLP, Partner


  • University of Alberta, Faculty of Law, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Practice Areas:

  • Employment Law

  • Labour Relations Law

  • Human Rights Law

  • Professional Discipline

  • Corporate Governance

  • Privacy and Freedom of Information

  • Pension and Benefits


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