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David Smart

Pryke Lambert Leathley Russell LLP | Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

A lawyer since 1986


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Pryke Lambert Leathley Russell LLP
5811 Cooney Road, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V6X 1B5
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David Smart has carved a niche for himself in the legal world as a seasoned attorney, whose expertise lies in navigating the turbulent waters of dispute resolution and litigation. Since being called to the Bar in 1985, David has dedicated his career to the intricacies of commercial law, focusing on construction disputes, real estate litigation, and the multifaceted realm of employment law.

His journey through the legal landscape has been marked by a steadfast commitment to civil litigation and dispute resolution, with recent years seeing a pronounced focus on commercial litigation. David’s approach to legal challenges is informed by an understanding that clients seek not just victories but fair, cost-effective, and expedient solutions to their disputes. To this end, he combines toughness with pragmatism, ensuring he fully grasps each client's unique situation and objectives from the outset.

Originating from Vancouver Island, David’s academic pursuits led him to the University of British Columbia, where he not only completed his law degree but also a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, graduating with high honors. His life in the lower mainland has been rich with personal and professional growth, closely tied to the region’s vibrant community and diverse opportunities.

David’s life outside the courtroom reflects a passion for both sports and the unique lifestyle Vancouver offers. Once a rugby player, he served as the past president of the BC Rugby Union, showcasing his leadership on and off the field. Moreover, his expertise on the ski slopes, enthusiasm for mountain biking, and self-described mediocre golf skills speak to a man who embraces the outdoors with vigor. Vancouver’s multicultural vibrancy and urban dynamics resonate deeply with David, enriching his personal and professional life.

With his entire practice devoted to litigation, David’s bar admissions in British Columbia since 1986 underline his long-standing commitment to his field. His educational background from the University of British Columbia lays a solid foundation for his legal expertise. Membership in professional associations such as the Law Society of British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association since 1986 further attest to his active engagement with the legal community.

David Smart’s professional path is a testament to his deep-seated dedication to providing clients with robust legal solutions, underscored by a rich tapestry of personal interests and community involvement. His approach to law and life reflects a balance between rigorous professionalism and a keen appreciation for the world beyond legal briefs, underscoring a holistic view of what it means to be a successful lawyer in today’s world.


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