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Lucy McAllister

The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister | San jose, California, United States

A lawyer since 1988


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The Law Offices of Lucy S. McAllister
255 North Market Street, San jose, California, United States 95110
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In the heart of California, Lucy S. McAllister's Law Offices stand out for their comprehensive services in administrative, licensing, and criminal law. McAllister, with her robust experience spanning over three decades, has a track record of triumph in over 250 Superior Court trials. Her legal prowess isn't confined to just one niche; she's a seasoned veteran in both civil and criminal spheres.

McAllister’s expertise in licensing law is vast. She adeptly navigates through the complexities of pre-hearing resolutions, steers administrative hearings and appeals, and provides sagacious legal advice. Her handling of licensing applications and criminal disclosures, including renewals and reinstatements, is noteworthy, with a keen focus on expunging criminal records.

In the realm of criminal law, McAllister's acumen is equally impressive. Her scope of defense covers a broad spectrum from restraining orders to DUI, domestic violence, sexual offenses, theft, fraud, and drug-related charges. She’s particularly skilled in addressing serious allegations like assault, battery, and strike charges.

Her practice extends beyond individual cases to broader governmental and administrative law. McAllister has a deep understanding of election law, government contracts, finance, and legislative affairs. Her criminal law expertise is further highlighted through her successful appeals in drug, fraud, gun, internet, sex, theft, and violent crime cases.

McAllister’s work in DUI and DWI defense is comprehensive, tackling charges and convictions with a strategic approach. In domestic violence cases, she provides both defense strategies and obtains restraining orders, proving her mettle in intricate legal scenarios.

Beyond these, she remains a stalwart in licensing law, offering a range of services from application to reinstatement. Her practice accepts credit cards, indicating a client-friendly approach. Admitted to practice in California since 1988, her legal journey is well-established and recognized.

McAllister's professional journey is decorated with significant roles, including serving as a Court Arbitrator in Santa Clara County and a Judge Pro Tem in Small Claims Court. Her academic contributions as a Summer Trial Advocacy Program Instructor at the University of San Francisco Law School reflect her commitment to legal education.

Her educational background is solid, with a J.D. from Santa Clara University after completing her undergraduate studies at SUNY. Recognized by her peers, she received a review from Martindale Hubbard in 2018. A member of the California State Bar since 1988, McAllister's legal career is both extensive and impressive, marked by a continuous dedication to justice and legal excellence.


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Peer Reviewed, Martindale Hubbard, 2018-01-01