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Ryan Penhallegon

Structure Law Group, LLP | San jose, California, United States

A lawyer since 2005


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Structure Law Group, LLP
1754 Technology Dr Ste 135, San jose, California, United States 95110-1320
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Ryan Penhallegon, an attorney based in California, embodies determination and expertise. His legal journey is marked by a commitment to resolving complex issues in Bankruptcy, Business, Real Estate, and Construction Law. His core expertise lies in navigating the intricacies of insolvency, protecting debtor-creditor rights, and handling real estate cases.

Ryan’s professional habitat is the Structure Law Group, where he contributes to a dynamic team adept in legal intricacies. This group excels in both business and real estate law, offering nuanced advocacy. Interested parties are welcome to delve into his legal acumen via his website or through a direct consultation.

His legal prowess extends across various domains. In Business Law, he tackles contracts, dissolution, finance, and more, ensuring businesses navigate legal waters smoothly. His Real Estate Law expertise spans commercial transactions, condominiums, and other property-related matters, safeguarding client interests. In Construction Law, he addresses contract issues, defects, and liens, ensuring projects stay legally sound. His bankruptcy expertise provides a lifeline to those seeking relief under Chapters 11, 13, and 7.

Since 2004, Ryan has been a stalwart in California’s legal landscape, also admitted to practice in Washington and in specific federal courts. His academic credentials are solid, with a juris doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law and a bachelor's from the University of Washington.

Ryan’s professional affiliations mirror his commitment to legal excellence and community engagement. He is a member of the Don Edwards American Inns of Court, Santa Clara County Bar Association, and Washington State Bar, indicating his active participation in the legal community. Additionally, his role on the Central YMCA of Silicon Valley’s Board of Managers showcases his dedication to community service.

In summary, Ryan Penhallegon stands as a legal beacon in California, navigating the complexities of various law fields with unwavering commitment and expertise.


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