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Lauren Cerri

Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, LLP | San jose, California, United States

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Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, LLP
96 N 3rd St, San jose, California, United States 95112-7702
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Lauren Cerri, a legal advocate at Cerri, Boskovich & Allard, champions the rights of childhood sexual abuse survivors. Her work prioritizes the welfare of the children, striving for their justice against negligent institutions. Cerri's achievements include a landmark $102.5 million verdict in 2022 against the Union School District, reflecting her dedication to securing substantial judgments for her clients, highlighting a notable case where she secured a $65 million award for a single plaintiff, setting a record in California.

Her legal prowess also shone through in a $7.5 million settlement for five individuals abused in their youth, underscoring her commitment to holding entities accountable over long-standing grievances. Beyond financial redress, Cerri endeavors to enforce systemic change within organizations, advocating for enhanced protective measures against child predators.

One poignant testament to Cerri's impact comes from a survivor who credits her significant role in their healing journey, highlighting the authentic and supportive connection they shared amidst the legal turmoil. Cerri's advocacy extends to legislative realms, exemplified by her influence in the Audrie Pott case, which led to stricter legal repercussions for sexual offenses in California, signifying her broader mission to prevent future abuses.

Cerri's litigation extends to numerous high-profile cases, securing millions in settlements for victims and enforcing policy changes in educational and childcare institutions, thereby fostering safer environments for children. Her work reflects a profound dedication to both individual justice and societal safety.

Educationally, Cerri's foundation is rooted in a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law, complemented by a B.A. from the same institution. Her legal acumen is recognized across several states, and she holds esteemed positions within legal communities, including past presidency of the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association.

Accolades such as being named Trial Lawyer of the Year multiple times in Santa Clara County and consistent recognition as a Super Lawyer underscore her esteemed standing in the legal field. Cerri's commitment extends beyond the courtroom through her educational contributions, guiding other attorneys in advocating for abuse survivors. Her multifaceted career embodies a steadfast commitment to justice, educational advancement, and systemic reform, making her a pivotal figure in the legal landscape of childhood sexual abuse.


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