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Marc Niekerk

Silicon Valley Law Group | San Jose, California, United States

A lawyer since 1990


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Silicon Valley Law Group
One North Market St. Suite 200, San Jose, California, United States 95113
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Marc van Niekerk has carved a niche in the legal domain, holding the title of Special Counsel within the Silicon Valley Law Group, particularly in its Business Litigation and Intellectual Property & Employment Group. His legal prowess shines through in over 50 court trials leading to verdicts and his seasoned experience in mediation. Van Niekerk's legal acumen spans a spectrum of business litigation, intellectual property disputes, and commercial contract disagreements. Over two and a half decades, he has adeptly handled an array of commercial disputes, ranging from employee solicitation, trade secret theft, to trademark clashes and complex commercial battles.

In the legal community, van Niekerk's role on the Santa Clara Bar Association Judiciary Committee underscored his influence, vetting judicial candidates for significant courts. His legal journey was seasoned with roles at Bergeson, LLP in San Jose, Cooley Godward LLP in Palo Alto, and a position in Cape Town at Abe Swersky & Associates.

His academic foundation is robust, with a legal education from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Cape Town, focusing on intellectual property, maritime law, and tax law. His legal admissions span from South Africa to California, embodying a global legal expertise.

Marc's legal engagements are noteworthy, from securing dismissals in trademark infringement cases to representing high-stake clients in multi-million dollar litigations. His involvement in high-profile investigations and legal victories in complex commercial and intellectual property disputes speaks volumes of his legal sagacity.

With a diverse practice area portfolio, van Niekerk's expertise extends to corporate securities, criminal defense, employment law, and beyond, marking him as a versatile figure in the legal realm. His journey reflects a blend of strategic litigation, authoritative legal counsel, and a commitment to legal excellence across continents.


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