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Steven Fink

Steven M Fink, Attorney at Law | San Jose, California, United States

A lawyer since 1971


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Steven M Fink, Attorney at Law
160 W. Santa Clara St., Ste. 1180, San Jose, California, United States 95113
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Starting his journey in the bustling world of Entertainment Law in Los Angeles, Mr. Fink, alongside his spouse, soon shifted to the quieter allure of San Jose. This move marked the beginning of a career steeped in tackling the intricacies of employment litigation, drawing heavily from his high-stakes experiences in LA's legal theatres.

Mr. Fink co-founded Mesirow & Fink in 1976, infusing the firm with dynamism and inventiveness. Holding a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley's Boalt Hall, his expertise in Employment Law has been recognized by San Jose Magazine six times, highlighting his prowess in the field. His firm is not just his brainchild but a collaborative venture with Charles M. Mesirow, a legal specialist in criminal law with a rich background in prosecution and leadership within California's legal community.

In Mr. Fink's words, navigating Employment Law is akin to addressing a medical condition: daunting yet manageable with expert legal intervention. This philosophy underscores his approach to legal challenges, framing them as solvable problems rather than insurmountable obstacles.

Beyond his specialization, Mr. Fink's legal acumen extends to Business Law and Civil Rights, encompassing a broad spectrum of services from business formation and litigation to addressing discrimination and advocating for civil liberties. His career, enriched by a diverse practice, demonstrates a commitment to justice in various legal arenas.

With a license to practice in California since 1971, Mr. Fink's legal journey has spanned decades, marked by a steadfast dedication to legal excellence. His affiliations with both the California State Bar and U.S. Federal Courts further attest to his longstanding and active engagement in the legal profession.

Through his work, Mr. Fink not only navigates the complexities of the legal world but also shapes the landscape of Employment Law, leaving a significant mark on the San Jose legal community and beyond.


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