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Marianne Gil-Lian

Modern Family Law | San jose, California, United States

A lawyer since 1994


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Modern Family Law
111 W Saint John Street, San jose, California, United States 95113
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In the heart of California's capital, Sacramento, Marianne's journey began, shaped by immigrant parents who held education in the highest regard. Her academic path led her through the halls of UCLA, where her passion for political science and Apple products took root. This enthusiasm continued to flourish back in Northern California at McGeorge School of Law, where she immersed herself in the Latino Student Association and community service.

Marianne's professional and personal life is a tapestry of varied experiences. She navigated the realms of real estate law, sales, and estate planning before her true passion in family law emerged. Alongside her career, Marianne's life is rich with the melodies of classical piano, the joy of musical theater, and the quiet moments spent in the pages of a book with her book club friends.

Her love for travel intertwines with family life, exploring new horizons with her husband and children. Marianne's dedication extends beyond her family to the community, particularly in her role as Chair of an elementary school board, where she generously shares her musical talents with young students.

Marianne's approach to family law is deeply client-centric. She possesses an intuitive understanding of her clients' needs, often preempting issues with her keen perception. Her commitment is evident in her balanced approach of kindness and assertiveness, aiming to secure favorable outcomes in family law disputes. Marianne's life and career are a reflection of her multifaceted interests and her unwavering commitment to family, music, and the community she serves.


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