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Daniel Gonzales

FERRARI OTTOBONI CAPUTO & WUNDERLING LLP | San jose, California, United States

A lawyer since 1985


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333 West Santa Clara Street, San jose, California, United States 95113-1716
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Daniel S. Gonzales stands out in the legal landscape, notably within Ferrari Ottoboni Caputo & Wunderling LLP, where he excels as a partner. His career, spanning over three decades, showcases his adeptness in both counsel and advocacy, particularly in the realm of California real estate law. Gonzales’s portfolio is rich, encompassing work with diverse entities like public agencies and private players across numerous real estate transactions, both commercial and residential.

His legal acumen extends to representing a broad spectrum of clients, from developers to investors, in matters of real property across California. Gonzales’s skill set covers a vast array of legal services, including intricate lease negotiations, financing agreements, and transactions involving purchasing, selling, and exchanging properties. His strategic approach in structuring legal entities and handling various real estate-related legal issues, like zoning and environmental compliance, underscores his expertise.

Beyond transactional work, Gonzales also delves into the legal intricacies of public agency operations, providing guidance on various statutes and regulatory matters. His academic credentials are equally impressive, with degrees from Stanford Law School and the University of Notre Dame, reflecting his deep-rooted understanding of law and governance.

Gonzales’s commitment to community service is evident through his roles on various boards and associations, highlighting his dedication to social causes and legal community engagement. Notably, his musical talents, showcased in public performances, add a unique facet to his personality, balancing his professional rigor with creative expression.

His professional recognitions and admissions to several courts demonstrate his standing in the legal community, affirming his expertise and ethical standards. Gonzales’s contributions extend beyond legal practice, offering resources and insights into commercial property ownership and housing, further establishing his influence and dedication to the field of real estate law.


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