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Blenheim Street, Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom L5 8UX
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Ngaryan Li, currently holding the esteemed positions of Centre Director and Senior Solicitor at VAUXHALL COMMUNITY LAW AND INFORMATION CENTRE, stands out as a stalwart figure in the legal field with over a decade of specialized expertise. Recently appointed as the supervising solicitor at the Greater Manchester Law Centre, Ngaryan's professional journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to Social Welfare Law, where she has made significant contributions and garnered extensive experience.

Ngaryan's academic foundation is rooted in excellence, having earned a joint honours degree in Accounting & Law from the University of Manchester. She further honed her legal acumen by completing the LPC at BPP Law School in Manchester, solidifying her credentials and preparing her for a dynamic career in law.

Her career trajectory includes pivotal roles at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, where she served as a solicitor for over a decade, and subsequently at the Greater Manchester Law Centre, where she assumed the role of supervising solicitor. These roles have equipped Ngaryan with a comprehensive understanding of legal complexities across various disciplines, including conveyancing, public & private family law, and private client services.

Beyond her legal practice, Ngaryan remains actively engaged in advancing legal standards and community welfare. Her involvement as a Council Member for Inhouse Voluntary & Charity Sector at The Law Society underscores her commitment to fostering ethical legal practices and supporting charitable initiatives within the legal framework.

Ngaryan's professional ethos is characterized by a proactive approach to advocacy and client representation. She is recognized for her role as an expert witness in benefit fraud prosecutions, where her meticulous scrutiny of evidence and dedication to fairness have contributed significantly to legal outcomes. Her expertise extends to advising on benefit entitlements, challenging adverse decisions, and providing representation in appeals, reflecting her unwavering commitment to ensuring justice and equitable outcomes for her clients.

In addition to her legal responsibilities, Ngaryan is an advocate for continuous learning and professional development. Her participation in mentorship programs and her role as a student mentor at Alliance Manchester Business School exemplify her dedication to nurturing future legal professionals and fostering a supportive learning environment within the legal community.

Ngaryan Li's career trajectory exemplifies a blend of academic excellence, professional achievement, and community engagement. Her contributions to Social Welfare Law and her commitment to ethical practice underscore her role as a respected leader in the legal profession, dedicated to upholding justice and serving the community with integrity and diligence.