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Solomon Friedman

Ethical Capital Partners | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A lawyer since 2010


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Ethical Capital Partners
200 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P 1L5
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Solomon Friedman, a principal figure at Ethical Capital Partners, finds himself at the confluence of groundbreaking efforts to enhance the digital landscape's safety. Ethical Capital Partners, a noteworthy entity in the realm of Canadian private equity, gained recognition following its strategic acquisition of Aylo, the entity behind Pornhub. This move comes against the backdrop of Aylo's (previously known as MindGeek) legal challenges related to the hosting of contentious content on its platforms.

In a notable collaboration aimed at bolstering internet security, Aylo and Crime Stoppers International have forged a partnership. This alliance seeks to empower online whistleblowers by providing a secure channel for reporting questionable content, thereby facilitating a comprehensive review of Aylo's digital safety protocols and promoting the exchange of vital technology with law enforcement agencies.

Shane Britten, the CEO of Crime Stoppers International and a seasoned expert in counter-terrorism, recently discussed the shared vision of both organizations to mitigate online risks. Their dialogue underscores a mutual commitment to leveraging technology, such as Pornhub's video fingerprinting system, as a tool for enhancing online safety and assisting police efforts.

Rocco Meliambro, serving as the chairman of Ethical Capital Partners, oversees the firm's operations from its Montreal base. Established in 2022, the firm quickly made headlines in March 2023 with its acquisition of Aylo, signaling a proactive stance against the distribution of illegal or unauthorized content on the internet. This initiative reflects a broader ambition to render the digital domain more secure for users worldwide, highlighting the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in the ongoing battle against online harm.

Solomon Friedman stands out in the legal arena as a criminal defense attorney and co-founder of Friedman Mansour LLP. His legal expertise spans defending against criminal, quasi-criminal, and regulatory charges. Friedman excels in leveraging his extensive courtroom experience and adept advocacy skills, crafting compelling legal strategies that resonate both in written submissions and during oral arguments. His legal prowess is not confined to a single jurisdiction; Friedman has successfully defended clients across Canada, from Quebec to Nunavut, including high-stakes cases at the Supreme Court.

Friedman's commitment to justice is evident through his participation in Legal Aid Ontario's Extremely Serious Criminal Matters panel, ensuring that even those facing the most severe charges receive top-notch legal representation. Beyond his courtroom victories, Friedman is a prolific writer and respected voice in the media on criminal law matters, contributing insightful analyses on high-profile cases and legislative changes. His scholarly contributions include co-authoring a leading text on firearms law, recognized for its thorough exploration of the subject.

His academic and professional achievements are underpinned by a solid educational foundation, including a magna cum laude graduation from the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Common Law and a prestigious clerkship at the Supreme Court of Canada. Furthermore, Friedman's dedication to the next generation of lawyers is demonstrated through his role as a part-time professor, where he shares his knowledge on evidence and criminal law.

Friedman's influence extends beyond legal circles; he actively engages in public discourse, offering his expertise to parliamentary committees on critical legal reforms. This multifaceted legal career, marked by advocacy, education, and public service, showcases Solomon Friedman's significant impact on Canadian law and his unwavering commitment to justice.


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