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Saidaltaf Patel

SP Law Office A Professional Corporation | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A lawyer since 2007


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SP Law Office A Professional Corporation
1585 Markham Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1B 2W1
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Nestled in the heart of Toronto, SP Law Office emerges as a beacon of hope and justice, dedicated to navigating the intricate pathways of Immigration and Criminal Defense Law. Under the stewardship of Saidaltaf Patel, a seasoned lawyer with roots extending back to his days as a criminal defense attorney in India, the firm has become synonymous with trust, expertise, and unwavering commitment to its clients' success.

Before laying the foundation of SP Law Office in Canada, Saidaltaf’s journey took him from advocating in Indian courtrooms to embracing the role of an immigration consultant, guiding newcomers through the labyrinth of Canadian immigration policies. His unique perspective as an immigrant himself has imbued him with a profound empathy towards those looking to start anew in Canada, making him a stalwart ally in their quest for a brighter future.

Saidaltaf's legal acumen was officially recognized in Ontario in 2007, marking the beginning of his illustrious career in Canadian law. By 2010, his vision for a law practice that married his passions for immigration and criminal defense law came to fruition with the inception of SP Law Office. Here, his mission has been crystal clear: to dismantle the barriers faced by immigrants and to defend those entangled in the criminal justice system with zeal and precision.

SP Law Office prides itself on a philosophy rooted in SERVICE—Sincerity, Excellence, Reasonability, Vision, Intelligence, Care, and Expertise. This guiding principle has steered the firm in its quest to transform the dreams of thousands into reality, whether they’re navigating the complex process of immigration, fighting for citizenship, or seeking defense in criminal trials.

The firm's domain of expertise spans a wide spectrum of legal services, from handling intricate immigration and refugee appeals to representing clients in criminal trials. With a focus on complex cases such as citizenship disputes, temporary and permanent residency applications, and various criminal charges, SP Law Office stands as a pillar of strength and guidance.

Key areas of practice include:

  • Immigration law, covering everything from Federal Court judicial reviews and sponsorship appeals to work permits and humanitarian applications.

  • Criminal law, offering defense for charges ranging from domestic and sexual assault to theft and impaired driving.

Saidaltaf Patel's career trajectory is adorned with significant milestones:

  • Transitioning from a criminal defense lawyer in India to a celebrated immigration and criminal defense attorney in Canada.

  • Founding SP Law Office in 2010, following a successful partnership at Patel & Chhina LLP.

Saidaltaf’s memberships in esteemed associations like the Canadian Bar Association and the Criminal Lawyers Association underscore his commitment to legal excellence and advocacy. As SP Law Office continues to thrive under his leadership, Saidaltaf Patel remains dedicated to upholding the values of justice, integrity, and compassion, ensuring that each client receives personalized and effective legal representation.