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Jonah Paritzky

Paritzky Family Law Professional Corporation | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A lawyer since 2016


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Paritzky Family Law Professional Corporation
5000 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 7E9
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Jonah Paritzky, a distinguished family lawyer, has charted a unique path in the legal world, blending his diverse experiences to specialize in family law. With a solid academic background from the University of Leicester, where he pursued law, and an earlier foundation in biology from Western University, Jonah brings a multifaceted perspective to his practice.

Before stepping into the realm of family law, Jonah embarked on a career that spanned various industries, including pharmaceutical sales and business development in the bioanalytical services sector. His tenure at Medisca Inc. as an Inside Sales Representative is particularly noteworthy, where he significantly boosted sales and established Medisca as a key supplier in the Midwest and California. His ability to grow existing accounts and cultivate strong industry relationships set the stage for his transition into law.

Jonah's legal career began as an articling student at MacKinnon and Phillips in Ottawa, laying the groundwork for his legal expertise. This experience was followed by a role as an Associate Family Lawyer at Shulman Law Firm, where he further honed his skills in Toronto. However, it was in November 2018 that Jonah took a significant step by establishing Paritzky Family Law Professional Corporation. Here, he has dedicated himself to providing top-tier family law services, focusing on personalized and creative solutions for complex legal issues.

Jonah's approach to family law is influenced by lessons from unexpected quarters, such as NFL training camps. He draws parallels between the strategic planning of NFL head coaches, like Sean Payton of the Denver Broncos, and the meticulous preparation required in family law cases. This approach emphasizes identifying and mitigating weaknesses before they become obstacles, a philosophy that Jonah applies to each case with precision and care.

At Paritzky Family Law, Jonah has set a mission to offer fair and transparent legal services without the burdensome cost structures often found in larger firms. His commitment to quality representation at affordable prices is a testament to his desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those navigating family law challenges.

Jonah Paritzky’s journey in the legal profession is marked by significant milestones:

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western University.

  • Obtained a law degree from the University of Leicester.

  • Worked in pharmaceutical sales and business development, enhancing his negotiation and relationship-building skills.

  • Began his legal career articling at MacKinnon and Phillips, followed by a role at Shulman Law Firm.

  • Founded Paritzky Family Law Professional Corporation, focusing solely on family law.

Paritzky Family Law stands as a beacon for those seeking compassionate, effective, and strategic legal advice in family law matters. Jonah's unique blend of scientific background, business acumen, and legal expertise allows him to tackle cases with a holistic and thorough approach, ensuring that each client receives the best possible outcome.


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