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Anthony D'Angelo

Torkin Manes LLP | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A lawyer since 2019


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Torkin Manes LLP
151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2W7
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Anthony, a dedicated associate within the Commercial Real Estate Group, specializes in the intricate processes of buying, selling, financing, and leasing various real estate properties.

His expertise spans the creation and negotiation of numerous real estate documents, from purchase and sale agreements to commercial leases and financing securities, catering to the needs of buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and financial institutions.

Beyond his focus on transactions, Anthony is carving out a niche in the domain of land and condominium development. He supports developers from the inception to the culmination of their projects, offering guidance on land acquisition, financing, development, and the legalities of selling newly developed properties.

His work in this area includes drafting essential condominium documents and agreements that govern co-ownership and the use of communal facilities, benefiting both residential and commercial projects throughout southern Ontario.

Anthony's advocacy extends to representing clients in front of municipal planning entities and adjustment committees for matters like property severances, easements, and zoning changes. He also stands for landlords and property managers in disputes before the Landlord and Tenant Board in Ontario.

Renowned for his straightforward and cooperative manner, Anthony consistently delivers inventive and efficient solutions tailored to meet his clients' real estate goals.

Areas of specialization include:

- Commercial Real Estate Transactions

- Condominium and Subdivision Development

- Secured Financing and Mortgage Solutions

Anthony's qualifications include his admission to the Ontario Bar in 2019, a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Windsor in 2018, and an Honors Bachelor of Arts with Distinction from the University of Toronto in 2015, evidencing his thorough preparation and dedication to the field of real estate law.


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