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Laurie Pawlitza

Torkin Manes LLP | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A lawyer since 1984


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Torkin Manes LLP
151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2W7
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Laurie stands as a distinguished partner in our Family Law Group, where she represents clients across a spectrum of disputes. These range from conflicts over significant assets and high incomes to complex parenting dilemmas. Known for her results-driven approach, Laurie employs both her practical and inventive abilities to devise solutions uniquely suited to each client's circumstances. She is equally adept at advocating in court as she is at employing mediation or arbitration to reach amicable resolutions.

In addition to her legal practice, Laurie is a prolific writer, contributing regularly to the National Post with a column that dissects contemporary family law issues. Her expertise has also been showcased in numerous publications, including the Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star, and she serves on the editorial board of the Canadian Lawyer Magazine. Globally recognized, Laurie has shared her knowledge as a speaker in various countries, including Australia and India, discussing legal and professional topics.

Laurie's commitment to the legal profession extends beyond her practice. She has taken on numerous leadership roles within legal communities, including being elected as the Vice President of the Americas by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association. This role aligns with the CLA's mission to promote the rule of law in Commonwealth countries. Additionally, Laurie co-chairs the Family Law Committee, focusing on the modernization of family law legislation and the promotion of alternative dispute resolution methods across the Commonwealth nations.

Her leadership was further recognized when she served as the Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario from 2010 to 2012, becoming only the third woman to hold this prestigious position since 1797. During her tenure as a bencher of the Law Society, Laurie led initiatives aimed at enhancing legal education in Canada and supported projects that fostered the advancement of women in the legal profession.

Laurie's contributions to family law have been acknowledged through numerous awards, including listings in Best Lawyers in Canada and The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory. Her work earned her the title of one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada” in 2012, the same year she received an Honorary Doctorate from the Law Society of Ontario.

Laurie also co-founded The Minerva Group, a collective of senior family law practitioners in Toronto dedicated to providing prompt and expert mediation, arbitration, and litigation management services. Through The Minerva Group, Laurie offers mediation and arbitration services grounded in the best practices of the field, ensuring a compassionate and forward-thinking approach. For those interested in engaging Laurie for mediation, arbitration, or to learn more about her services, Michelle Fields is the point of contact.

Laurie’s academic credentials include an LLB from the University of Saskatchewan in 1983, preceded by a BA from the same institution in 1980. Her admission to the Ontario Bar in 1986 marked the beginning of a notable career that continues to influence and shape the landscape of family law in Canada.


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