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Chantalle Sawision

KMS Legal | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A lawyer since 2016


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KMS Legal
1235 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 3K4
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Chantalle Sawision embarked on her academic journey, enrolling at Sir Wilfred Laurier University. Her focus on Political Science and Legal Studies not only distinguished her among her peers but also led to her selection by the Dean for a cutting-edge law research project, placing her among the elite group of 18 students. Propelled by a thirst for deeper legal knowledge, she ventured to Bond University in Australia, securing her Juris Doctor in 2012. There, the intricacies of both International and Canadian legal frameworks captured her intellectual curiosity.

Upon returning to the vibrant streets of Toronto, Chantalle honed her legal acumen at a renowned family law firm nestled in the Financial District. Her clientele included celebrities and figures who often found themselves under the media spotlight, enriching her experience with high-profile case work. This foundational period paved the way for her ascent to a pivotal role in a leading multinational family law firm, a position she held until the inception of KMS Legal in 2018.

Chantalle's expertise in family law has not only seen her navigate the complexities of celebrity divorces but has also led her to influence the broader legal and public discourse. Her insights and strategies have graced the pages of prestigious publications like Divorce Digest and IN Magazine, and her voice has echoed through interviews with Elle Magazine journalists and broadcasts on Global News and AM 640 Radio. These platforms have showcased her innovative approaches to divorce, cohabitation, and the entwined challenges of finance and separation.

Her legal prowess extends beyond the courtroom and into alternative dispute resolution forums, where she excels in mediation and arbitration. Chantalle's track record in facilitating negotiated settlements demonstrates her commitment to resolving disputes amicably and efficiently. Her competence is especially notable in cases of complex separation, where she navigates the nuances of international law, the Hague Convention, and intricate financial issues.

Clients and colleagues alike commend Chantalle for her holistic and positive perspective on separation, a trait that underscores her professional demeanor. Beyond her legal endeavors, she is an avid participant in exercise and pilates, and continues to contribute to radio discussions, further reflecting her dynamic character and broad interests.

Chantalle Sawision's career trajectory is marked by the following milestones:

  • Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Legal Studies from Sir Wilfred Laurier University.

  • Juris Doctor from Bond University, Australia, in 2012.

  • Completion of legal articles at a premier family law firm in Toronto.

  • Role as family counsel in a multinational law firm across Canada and the USA before founding KMS Legal in 2018.

  • Publications in national and international magazines, alongside appearances on radio and television.


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