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Nathalie Guertin

Barreau de Montréal | Montréal, Quebec, Canada

A lawyer since 1994


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Barreau de Montréal
460 Rue Saint Gabriel, Montréal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2Z9
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Me Nathalie Guertin recently received the inaugural Batonnier's Excellence Award from the Bar of Montreal, acknowledging her steadfast dedication to public protection and ensuring access to justice. Her career in law, which spans nearly three decades, has been significantly influenced by her commitment to addressing the issue of unlawful practice within the profession.

Nathalie embarked on her academic journey at the University of Montreal, not in law, but in linguistics and Russian studies. This diverse educational background piqued her interest in international law, prompting her to enroll in the Faculty of Law at the same university. Her quest for knowledge did not stop there; she ventured into communications at the University of Quebec at Montreal, driven by a curiosity about journalism, especially in conflict zones. However, the birth of her child paused her studies momentarily.

Completing her law degree, Nathalie ventured into the community sector, focusing on immigration law during her Bar internship. She valued the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable communities. Her professional path later led her to the Bar of Montreal, where she began as a committee coordinator tackling illegal practice cases. She now leads the Legal Affairs Department, overseeing its operations and managing numerous complaints about unauthorized practice annually.

Nathalie's career is characterized by a profound desire to aid citizens, transcending geographical and social boundaries. Her passion for learning remains undiminished as she confronts unique legal challenges daily, continually expanding her comprehensive knowledge across various law domains. Nathalie's approach to her work is notable for her humility and the high regard she holds for her colleagues. Rather than focusing on her achievements when receiving the Batonnier's Excellence Award, she chose to honor her peers, attributing her success to the collective wisdom and dedication of her professional community.

As she approaches the 30-year milestone in her legal career, Nathalie remains committed to combating illegal practice and sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with her colleagues, driven by a deep-seated commitment to public protection and justice.

Previous work experience:

  • Began career in community sector, focusing on immigration law.

  • Spent a decade practicing law, including time in private practice.

  • Served as a committee coordinator at the Bar of Montreal, dealing with illegal practice cases.

  • Currently heads the Legal Affairs Department at the Bar of Montreal, managing operations and handling complaints.