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Best Lead Generation For Realtors

Best Lead Generation For Realtors


Are you looking for the best lead generation for Realtors? Here are some questions and answers about our lead gen model for real estate agents. We also generate leads for real estate lawyers and law firms.

Venture Overview (Briefly describe your venture’s product and target market. If you do not yet have a product, describe your technology and the use cases you are targeting?)

We have built an online platform where people can connect with a Realtor that is highly skilled and honest for free. We create real estate information that attracts people to our website. When someone needs a Realtor, they fill out a form. We then sell that information to a brokerage for $65. Our clients are brokerages with less than 15 Realtors. For real estate law, it’s law firms with less than 15 lawyers.

You can also see our videos on Youtube.

Lead Generation Sites For Realtors

What is the long-term vision of your company? Describe what you would like your company to be in 10 years?

I want to walk into the office and see hundreds of happy staff. I want to check my email and see many emails about how happy our customers are.

Describe how your product or service works. This is best done from the perspective of a potential or actual customer. Explain the value proposition for this customer.

The lawyer or Realtor is our customer. They would receive an email saying that “Joe Smith” is looking for a Realtor in Victoria BC. There would be the email, phone number, and detailed information about what “Joe Smith” is looking for. The Realtor would then call Joe and take it from there.

Real Estate Market

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  • buying a property
  • selling a property
  • single family home
  • sales and listings
  • finding a real estate lawyer
  • homes for sale in Victoria BC
  • fighting a foreclosure by hiring a law firm

Real Estate Leads For Realtors

Lead Capture Websites For Realtors

Who else is selling to your customer? Why will your customer buy your product or service instead of your competitor’s?

Our main competitor is marketing agencies. There are many companies out there selling monthly packages to law firms and brokerages. We believe we are better because lawyers and real estate agents only pay for results. Lawyers and brokerages don’t want to pay $5000/month for unknown results. Assuming the leads are of high quality, the customers are happy.

Real Estate Leads For Realtors

Below are some of the ways that we go about bringing people to our website. It also explains some of the things that we do. By listing the terms below, we are improving the keywords on this landing page for Realtors looking for leads.

  • digital marketing
  • collecting contact information
  • buyer and seller leads
  • leads for buy or sell agent
  • information about the real estate market
  • lead gen
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  • landing pages
  • potential buyers
  • drip campaign
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  • real estate business
  • top of mind isn’t our thing
  • getting people to come to open houses
  • social media
  • lead gen for real estate agents
  • buyers and sellers

FAQs | Generate Leads

What is the best way to bring in leads?

We are a big fan of SEO. Facebook Ads bring in lower quality leads. Google Ads are super expensive.

Why did a law firm turn into a lead gen source for real estate agents?

We are using our resources to improve other industries.

How can I verify you are legit?

You can ask us questions. We can explain about how our system works.

Does social media work well for real estate?

Social media is good for top of mind, not for lead gen.

How does the ClearWay Law system work for people that fill out information?

We will have a Realtor or real estate lawyer contact the person depending on their needs.

How much does your services cost?

Our services are free for the public.