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Legal Eagle Youtube Lawyer

Legal Eagle Youtube Lawyer



Are you looking for information about Legal Eagle, the “Youtube lawyer?” We at ClearWay Law are a big fan of the Youtube channel. It’s hard to find a way to make law interesting. Legal Eagle does a great job at it.


We are unsure if it is mainly law students that watch the videos. However, we hope the general public also watches to get better informed about what the law says. Most people have no idea how the legal system works. This causes a lot of problems in the legal system.


Legal Eagle Youtube Lawyer Name


Legal Eagle’s real name is Devin Stone. He mostly does lawsuits in the area of copyright disputes. It’s unclear how much time he spends to his legal practice, versus managing his YouTube Channel. As a sole practitioner, it’s unlikely he has much time to practice law anymore. He most likely only takes on large cases.


In addition to representing clients and running the Legal Eagle Youtube Channel, he also has a business helping people prepare for law school. Devin Stone also has a number of sponsors that you will hear about on his channel.


Devin Stone also does a number of public speaking engagements. He is also called in four states. It’s our understanding that he now practises law in Washington DC. His office is located at 2300 18th St NW, Box 21186, Washington DC, 20009.


Youtube Channel For Law Students


It’s not clear why he moved from California to Washington DC.


If you are a law student and you want to learn more about law school, you can see our essays collected from law students.


If you are already a law student, you can reach out to us on our forms. You can submit some of your best law school work to us. We will publish it in the same way.


It’s sort of like law review. You can then mention that you wrote for ClearWay Law on your resume, a blog that gets over 30,000 people on it per month. It’s a great resume builder. You can also submit the links to managing partners so they can read your work.


It is likely that Legal Eagle will one day start their own program from LSAT preparation as well.


Legal Eagle Sues White House Update


Leagle Eagle LLC sued the White House on or around Jul 30, 2020. We were not able to find any updates. Given that lawsuits can go on for years, it is unlikely that there have been any significant updates.


Also, the Trump administration is now leaving the white house. Therefore, it is unlikely that the lawsuit will continue.


We will have to wait for an update from the Legal Eagle Youtube lawyer, Devin Stone!


In conclusion, keep watching the Youtube Channel to learn more about the law! It is a great resource for law students. In particular, it keeps students with issue spotting. The videos pick fun topics (like Batman movies) and then show you issue spotting in them.


During law school exams, you do the same thing. You take theoretical situations, and then you have to discuss the law and spot the issues.