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Letter Of Consent For Child To Travel With One Parent

Letter Of Consent For Child

Are you looking for a letter of consent for the child? You may have heard from other separated parents that you need to obtain a travel consent letter before going on a vacation. However, without further information, it can be confusing why they are necessary and what purpose they serve. Below is all of the basic information you need to know in relation to travel consent letters. Are you looking for a letter of consent for the child to travel? Read on…

Travel consent is a form signed by one parent or both parents stating that they are aware the child is going on a trip out of the country and they consent to the child traveling. They are strongly recommended by the Government of Canada if a child under the age of 18 is traveling abroad alone, with only one parent or guardian, with friends or relatives, or with a group.  It is not mandatory, but some immigration authorities may request it when entering or leaving a foreign country. If an immigration official requests it and the adult does not have one, they may not be able to cross the border.

Letter Of Consent For Child To Travel With Grandparents

We can help the parent or legal guardian with the letter of consent. We can help you when the child is traveling to the United States. This will help you get through customs and border protection (border protection cbp). We can also help you if the child is going to another country. Further, our lawyers can help you prevent a child from leaving the country. Our lawyer can explain the things they strongly recommend bringing, such as a birth certificate. These forms can be called other things, such as a minor travel consent form. Further, they can be called a letter of consent. They mostly mean the same things.

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Letter of Consent for Child to Travel

The Government of Canada recommends that the letter be signed by every non-accompanying person with the legal right to make decisions for the child, such as custody rights or guardianship rights. They also recommend that letters be signed by any non-accompanying parent who has access to the child. The signing parent’s signature does not need to be witnessed by a commissioner of oaths or a lawyer, but the immigration authorities may question its authenticity if it is not commissioned.

When it comes to family law, it is recommended for parents to obtain travel consent from the other parent. This is important when going on a trip alone with any child of the relationship. Even if a parent has sole custody of the child, it is still suggested. They should obtain travel consent from a parent who has access to any child of the relationship. Just in case.

How To Write Consent Letter For Child To Travel

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Letter Of Consent For The Child

As stated above, travel consents are not mandatory in order to pass at the border.  However, it is suggested to always obtain a travel consent prior to travelling with your child. This avoids your trip getting cancelled due to your inability to cross. The form itself is often less than two pages long and is inexpensive to have commissioned. This is a small price to pay to ensure that your vacation is protected.

Do you still have questions about the letter of consent for the child to travel? It depends on your family law matter. There may be additional steps you need to take before taking a child on vacation.

Have questions about your particular case? Want to know if you need a travel consent letter? Make sure to speak to a family lawyer. Our lawyers in the Toronto office of ClearWay Law have experience assisting clients with consent letters. Contact us today.

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