Our affordable lawyers are available during COVID-19 to file documents and work on your legal needs. The courts are also now available again.

Lisa Baumal- Senior Family Lawyer

Senior Legal Counsel

Lisa Baumal is a senior family lawyer in Toronto. She has a reputation for being harsh with clients and telling the truth. Some clients love honesty, some can’t handle it. Regardless, Lisa always wants their clients to know where they stand. Clients hire a lawyer to help them, and Ms. Baumal has over 25 years of family law experience in Toronto.

Lisa’s hourly rate is $450 as she is currently the most senior family lawyer at ClearWay Law. Our lawyer’s legal fees depend on how many years of experience they have. Our lowest hourly rate is $250/hour from a junior family lawyer. The law firm can match you with one of our lawyers that fit your budget.

If you would like to request Lisa Baumal for your family law matter, please call us at 844-466-6529 toll-free. Lisa’s office is at 500 Eglinton Ave. East. You can also book a time to speak to an available family lawyer below. We will have one of our lawyers call you.

Lisa Baumal

Lisa Baumal offers “Bay Street advice at half the price.” She can do this because she does not spend “Bay Street rent.” When clients hire one of those Bay Street firms, the client fees are going towards paying the law firm’s massive overhead. ClearWay Law keeps our overhead low so we can keep our rates competitive.

Lisa Baumal

She used to do immigration and criminal law but now focuses on family law. She understands how difficult family law is, and she wants her clients to grow from the experience. Family law is hard, but it is possible for clients to come out stronger than they went in. She is willing to do negotiation, legal letters, mediation, arbitration, trials, and appeals.

Lisa is part of the Toronto Lawyers Association, sometimes takes legal aid. Lisa enjoys speaking at events. She also does mentoring at a number of law schools. She received both her BA and a law degree at the University of Toronto.

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