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Lisa Romano-Dwyer | Toronto Mediation

Lisa Romano-Dwyer Biography

Lisa Romano-Dwyer Ph.D., RSW is a Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist with over twenty-six years of experience in the field. Her areas of expertise include Child & Family Therapy, Positive Parenting, and Wellness. Lisa’s career in Children’s Mental Health, Developmental Service Navigation & Support, Early Years, Learning Readiness, Safe Schools and Education have prepared her to compassionately assess your needs.

If you would like to hire Lisa Romano-Dwyer to help you with your mental wellness, please call 844-466-6529 (toll-free.)

Graduating with a Master of Social Work in 1993, and a Doctorate in 2013, Lisa uses innovative humanities-informed strategies that really work. Lisa is the owner of Hypersense counseling & consulting services www.childtherapy.biz. Her business is in West Toronto. She develops creative psychoeducational and clinical publications. Further, she runs workshops. Also, she provides professional resources for counselors, clinicians, psychotherapists, parents, and educators.

Lisa Romano

As a registered practitioner, Lisa’s full-fee services are covered by most private health insurance benefit plans. Further, she will work with you and your family to ensure that your needs, perspectives, and recommendations are heard. Your needs will be implemented fairly in custody and access proceedings involving your children. Also, Lisa will also work with you on developing proactive and supportive responses to the inevitable emotional upset created by separation and divorce.

Toronto Psychotherapist | Lisa Romano-Dwyer

She is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). They regulate her standards of practice and expect knowledge about and adherence to provincial legislation related to child and family welfare, health care, education, and personal health information protection and privacy acts. Lisa is a member in good standing with her College. She works diligently to meet the best interest of clients in all her official duties and functions.

Lisa Romano-Dwyer is happy to be working with ClearWay Law. Professionals working with children are mandated under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act. They must report children in need of protection from physical harm. Further, they also must report sexual abuse/exploitation. This might be mental and/or emotional harm. Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that harm suffered by the child results from the actions, failure to act or pattern of neglect on the part of the child’s parent or guardian, suspicions and information will be reported to a Children’s Aid Society.

In conclusion, if you need a family mediator, please reach out to us.

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