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How To Get Help With Child Custody In Ontario

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Are you looking for London Ontario custody lawyers? We have a lawyer in London that can help you with a custody agreement. Doing an agreement is far cheaper than going to court. However, if you need to go to court, he is available to appear for you. He has experience with appearances, motions, case conferences, mediation, and arbitration. Fewer than 3% of family law disputes go to trial as the parties simply cannot afford it. You can expect to pay at least $30,000 if things go to trial. Therefore, it’s far better to try and resolve things if possible.

However, we understand that sometimes a spouse refuses to listen to reason. Sometimes after numerous mediation and settlement attempts, things need to go to family court. If that happens, we can appear in court and argue for your rights.

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The lawyers at our law firm work from home which saves us money on rent. Because we save money on rent, we can offer lower fees. If a lawyer is working on a custody agreement, they work on the agreement at home. If they need to go to court, they go to court. When our law firm needs to meet a client face to face, we meet the client at a shared office space where we can rent a private room. Further, even with litigation, most correspondence between the lawyer and the client happens via phone and email. Also, we even have video conferencing which many of our clients love.

When you don’t get to see your children, it can ruin your life. Many people just want to take care of their kids, and to be given the ability to do so. They want to put the best interests of the children first, and we love hearing this. Further, the courts normally want both parents to be in the life of the child. A good family lawyer can help you with this issue. Therefore, don’t feel hopeless, get help from lawyers that take on these kinds of files all the time. There are always many things you can do in family law. It depends on the client’s budget and the particular situation.

There are other times when one spouse is afraid to let the other parent near the children. Sometimes these reasons are legitimate, other times they are not. If one parent is using drugs around the child or is a violent person, it makes sense that the child should be kept far away. There are many things a custody lawyer in London can do to help protect the child.

In addition to having custody lawyers, we can help you with the following family law issues:

-Separation agreements

-Marriage agreements

-Filing court forms

-Going to court for you

-Doing correspondence between parties

-Demand letters for family law

-Motions and appearances

-Cohabitation agreements

-Guardianship agreements

If you want to learn more about family law, see our videos.