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Nasar Iqbal | London Ontario Family Lawyer

Nasar Iqbal | London Ontario Divorce Lawyer

Nasar Iqbal

Prior to joining ClearWay Law, Nasar Iqbal worked for the Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario. He worked as a Court Registrar for more than 2.5 years. Nasar Iqbal worked with an experienced downtown Toronto Lawyer. This was in the position of a legal assistant for 1 year.

Nasar secured his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Punjab Lahore (Pakistan) in 2004. He did his Master of Laws in Canadian Common Law from Osgoode Hall Law School And also, York University Toronto in 2017.

Nasar can do motions, case conferences, applications, settlement conferences. Further, he can do mediations and group meetings with lawyers present. He has also assisted clients in the preparation of their trials.

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Nasar Iqbal

Mr. Iqbal has been a qualified lawyer in Pakistan (common law jurisdiction) for more than 10 years. He has extensive working knowledge in various areas of litigation.

Nasar Iqbal

Nasar is an accomplished, hard-working, well-organized, and qualified lawyer. He has highly developed legal research and writing skills coupled with excellent analytical and communication skills. He can represent his clients in front of all levels of courts. This includes the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, Tribunals and the Federal Court.

Nasar is a very accommodative professional and provides flexible meeting times to his clients. He is also available to meet his clients after work hours and on Weekends/Statutory Holidays, in order to serve better to the working Canadians – so they need not worry about getting the day off from their jobs.

Mr. Iqbal provides legal services in all major areas of law – mainly Family Law, Criminal Law, and Immigration Law.

Nasar is also fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.

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In conclusion, our top lawyers work hard on keeping you outside of court. Our family lawyers will do work on marriage agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and other not litigation matters. If you need to go to court we have a few lawyers that can help you. But keep in mind it’s expensive and a long process.