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Dealing With Unhappy Clients

Dealing With Unhappy Clients

Are you always dealing with unhappy clients? Old school lawyers won’t be around for long. Law firms are one of the least popular industries. Law firms rank alongside airlines and credit card companies for net promoter scores. NPS is a measure of client satisfaction once the services or products have been delivered. Lawyers sometimes focus on unproductive tasks instead of doing client work.

Legal innovation is very important at ClearWay Law, and we don’t see a lot of it in the industry. We are expecting young lawyers to change the legal industry by using technology. We have been in contact with organizations such as the Legal Innovation Zone, and we are up to date with what they are working on.

Are you tired of dealing with unhappy clients? Found out how ClearWay Law can take some things off your plate.

Unhappy Customers

The most popular companies are steaming media companies, computer makers, and supermarkets.

The new model of ClearWay Law is going to require us to generate over 1000 leads per month. If we were operating only in a few cities, this would be very challenging. Therefore, we are rolling the plan out across Canada. Can we meet everyone in person? Absolutely not.

Poor Experience At The Law Firm

Enter legal technology companies such as Zoom.

The biggest challenge for law firms going 100% online is that some of the statistics that came out of the 2018 Legal Trends Report.

The report said that 59% of clients want to book meetings on the phone, this works well with the online model.

46% of clients want to discuss questions on the phone and getting updates on the progress on their matter (35%.)

Customer Complaints

Where clients don’t want to discuss via email, phone, or Zoom are discussing the details of their case (70% of people) and signing documents (64%.) Companies like DocuSign have made signing documents easier. But asking clients to scan and send documents can be a challenge for a virtual law firm.

The key for any law firm using a Zoom model will be convincing clients to book consultations with lawyers exclusively via Zoom or the phone.

Business Law

Difficult Customers At The Law Firm

Right now, 37% of law firms don’t collect any feedback from their clients. Of course, clients can still leave feedback on Google and Facebook. But from my research into Google Maps’ feedback, most of the feedback seems fake. From my own knowledge about what other law firms are doing, they are offering $5 off the legal fee if the client does a review for the law firm.

While that might help build the reputation of the law firm and the firm’s SEO, it doesn’t provide meaningful data for the firm. I think the real reason why lawyers don’t ask their clients for feedback is that they are not open to feedback. It seems that every time I offer constructive criticism to a lawyer, they get very upset. If I post a question on a lawyer’s Linkedin feed, the comment often gets deleted.

Other Advantages of Being 100% Online

While providing better customer service and tracking client feedback is key, there is no doubt there is another major factor in client satisfaction.


Online law firms don’t have to pay rent. They should take those savings and pass them on to clients.

Also, if a client lives in a remote area 3 hours outside a major city, it will be very difficult for them to get legal representation. If they are lucky enough to have a family lawyer in their town, the quality and experience of the lawyer might be subpar. My experience is that small-town lawyers are often not very skilled and lack customer service sense. This of course is not always the case.

Customer Service Reps

Lawyers Need To Be Like Customer Service Reps

The key to running the law firm of the future lies in transparent costs (flat fees) and helping clients understand the process of getting from their legal issue to their solution (infographics.)

There are some encouraging statistics for online law firms. The report said that 68% of clients want to meet with their lawyers outside of office hours. Online law firms can easily operate during long hours, as there could be lawyers on the East coast of Canada and on the west coast of Canada. This means that while keeping “9-5pm” office hours, the law firm can operate an additional 4.5 hours because that is the number of time zones in Canada.

According to the legal trend report 59% of people that need a lawyer, want their law firm to be available outside of the normal 9-5 pm.

Dealing With Unhappy Clients

Buying able to buy legal templates online has been around for a while. What hasn’t been around is being able to work with a lawyer “face-to-face” while being online. Companies like Zoom are changing what is possible for law firms.

There is no shortage of money pouring into the legal technology sector. Clio (a practice management software) just raised $250M USD. There are organizing a massive lawyer conference in San Diego in October 2019. The event will include massive parties on the beach and guest stars.

Old school lawyers are in trouble. Law is changing, and lawyers that ignore it should start getting their resumes ready for Tim Hortons.

If you want to learn more about the law in Canada, have a look at our YouTube.

Learn about the problems will old school law below. If you are tired of dealing with unhappy clients, reach out to ClearWay Law. We can show you a better way to run your practice.