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Peking University Admission

Peking University Law

Are you looking into Peking University admission? We are a law company in Beijing that has a number of lawyers that went to Peking University. We thought we would write about the experience. You can read about our lawyers in Beijing.

If you need a lawyer or consultant to help you with your immigration to China, contact us. If you are finishing your law degree at Peking University in Beijing, contact us. We are looking for lawyers that are open-minded and entrepreneurial.

April 15th of each year is the deadline to apply to the Peking law school.

It is the oldest law school in China. The law school was founded in 1904, and the university in the late 1800s.

The university in Beijing is the hardest law school to get into in China.

Around 7% of people that apply to the university get in.

Going To Peking University

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University scholarship

Peking University Law

If you haven’t graded with a bachelor’s degree, then it is a four-year program. Some law schools from other countries send their students on exchange for a year to Beijing.

There is also a two-year degree that focuses on Chinese intellectual property laws.

The university leads any legal changes that happen in China. They have a massive legal innovation department, that works with politicians to figure out how to improve justice in China.

A lot of university exchanges are for foreign lawyers that want to get exposure to Chinese law.

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Peking university admission

Are you interested in Peking university admission? The university also has a two-year master’s degree for lawyers that want to study the law further.

There is also a four-year PHD in law program. Lastly, there is a law degree that focuses exclusively on Chinese law.

Getting admission into Peking University is extremely hard.

Peking University alumni

There are three famous Chinese alumni of Peking University law.

  • Li Keqiang (Premier of the People’s Republic of China)
  • Wei Zhenying (famous Chinese judge)
  • Hai Zi (famous poet in China)

There are also four current top judges in China that went to Peking law school.

Peking University international office

You will need to speak to an advisor if you speak English and want to attend the university. You will have to make sure the classes are in English. Don’t go to classes that are in Chinese, or it won’t be possible.

It sounds obvious but these sorts of things could be overlooked when applying to Universities in Asia.

There is one program in Chinese and one in English.

University location

The law school is located in North West Beijing. Beijing is the capital of China, with roughly 21 million people.

Beijing is one of the few wealthy cities in China, along with Shanghai and Shenzhen.

It is located near the Summer Palace.

University scholarship

There are scholarships available at Peking University. We have found that Chinese schools really value GPA. This is in contrast to university in the United States that might value sports or personal skill sets.

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Peking University Admission

Has the legal industry changed much recently?

Yes, as is true with most things in China, things move quick. Laws can change very fast in China.

Are there more lawyers in China these days?

Yes, Beijing now has around 20,000 lawyers. 40% of China’s lawyers live in Beijing. This is because that’s where the Chinese government is headquartered (in the capital.) The lawyers need to be near the government.

Where are most of the foreign companies located in China?

Most companies that do foreign trade are located in Shanghai. Also, a lot of foreign companies set up their HQ in Beijing.

Can a Canadian lawyer in Beijing give legal advice?

Yes, but only about Canadian law. They cannot offer legal advice about Beijing law.

Is it helpful to work with a lawyer in China and Canada for divorce?

Yes, you need to hire a lawyer that can deal with the legal issue where it exists. If you have a house in Toronto and Beijing, you will likely need a lawyer in each country.

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