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In BC, you have things you must do as a parent. You do not have the option of deciding if you are going to support a child or not. You can either make the right decisions for your child, or a judge will. Further, some examples of decisions you must make are:
  • Will your child be religious? Which religion?
  • Which property will the child live in?
  • Where will they go to school? Will they learn another language?
  • Which sports will they plan?
You need to be able to make decisions and support your child (emotionally and financially.) On the other side of it, you have a right to see your children. Sometimes if you are a danger to the child (drugs or live in an unsafe place) a judge might not let you see the child. But that is rare as there will need to be a lot of serious evidence against you. Remember that a judge will care about what is in the best interest of the child, not in your best interest. Further, the judge will care more about your child than your ex-spouse.

Moving Away With The Child

You will need to give two months’ notice to the other parent if you want to move away with a child. If the parent agrees, then there should be problems. But remember to get a lawyer to write out an agreement so you have it in writing.
If the other spouse doesn’t agree, then things get expensive and ugly. Also, you will need to hire a lawyer to speak to a judge for you. Child custody battles are often full of emotion. Give plenty of time (more than 2-months) before the move to work out the disagreement. Keep in mind court battles can go on for years.
If you are looking for a legal aid lawyer, we suggest speaking to duty counsel at the courthouse.
In conclusion, reach out to us if you need a Port Coquitlam lawyer. There are British Columbia family lawyers available who will work hard to represent you. All the lawyers are members of the Canadian Bar Association.
Port Coquitlam Lawyers can provide these legal services:
  • Dealing with family authorities
  • Filing application to the court for family law
  • Going through disclosure
  • Family law trials
  • Responding to applications filed against you in court
  • Self-represented coaching
  • Adoption

Port Coquitlam Lawyer FAQ

How much is it going to cost for me to get custody of my children?

During your consultation with the lawyer, they might be able to give you a quote. Keep in mind, family law is very unpredictable. Sometimes things are more expensive than you planned for. Other times it’s cheaper.

What happens if I have to go to court?

Trying to settle things without going to court is often best. However, if that fails, your family lawyer will be able to attend court for you.

Am I guarantee to get child custody if the other spouse drinks too much?

There are no guarantees in litigation.

Is there an agreement I can sign with my spouse to improve the situation?

You can sign a separation agreement with your spouse. The courts will have to approve the child custody clauses. This is to make sure the agreement is in the best interests of the child.



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