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Clearway LawPrivacy Policy

Clearway Law is a lawyer directory and online community for attorneys. We do not provide legal advice or services. All data that we collect comes from people filling out our contact forms.

We are not regulated by the Law Societies.

You can see our data privacy contact below. If you have any questions about our use of your personal data, please email:

Email: intakemanager (at) clearwaylaw (dot) com

Collection of Personal Data

Contact information: your name, position, role, company or organization, address, city, telephone as well as email and postal address.

Information about your legal dispute: we retain the information you send us on your legal issue.

Your logon ID and password: this is only for lawyers who sign up for our community or to edit profiles. Passwords are stored in an encrypted format for user protection.

Information from public sources: search engines, lawyer directories, social media, and law firm websites.

Subscriptions: when you sign up for our newsletter.

Tech information: when you access this website third-party analytic companies may send us data such as your IP address, which URLs you visited on our website, how long you spent on the website, and what browser you are using.

Communicating with Clearway

We are not a law firm, and therefore we do not have ethical or legal duties to keep your submissions confidential. However, we take every reasonable precaution to protect your privacy and personal information and do not sell data or share information with non-law firm third parties.

It is our internal policy to keep the information confidential, but it is not mandated by a regulator.

Information and Data Usage

We may use your personal data for the following purposes:

Service provision: We will attempt to forward your request to an attorney who is best suited to assist you. If you were looking for a specific attorney, then we will attempt to contact them. If they are not reachable, we may forward your email to another attorney.

Business relationship: Our company keeps the information about who has contracted us. We also use this information to provide updates to our law firm clients.

Communication: We send out legal articles that we think the public will find interesting. We also follow up with people that have contacted us to confirm they have spoken with a lawyer.

Events: We do not run events at this time.

Client surveys and feedback: We will send you a follow-up email to make sure you received legal help from a third-party law firm.

Client legal compliance: We do not do client intake screening. The law firm that we will send your information to will do “know your client” compliance.

Legitimate interest: to pursue the legitimate business interests listed in the “Legitimate Interests” section of this policy below.

We will process your personal data for a number of reasons:

You have given us consent: for example when you send us your information.

Processing is necessary for our legitimate business interests or those of a third party: provided this does not override any interests or rights that you have as an individual. Our legitimate interests are listed in the next section.

Legitimate Interests

Helping the public find an attorney

Managing our business and relationships with the community

Receiving feedback from those that use our website

Improving our website to make it easier for the public to find a law firm

Improving our business model

Receiving information from law firms that we work with

Make sure everyone who uses our website follows our Terms of Use

Improving our cyber security

Make sure law firms pay us money when they owe it

Educating the public about legal issues

Special Category Data in the EU

Special category data in Europe means sensitive data. The only sensitive data that we receive is information about legal issues.

We have the public consent to have this data because it is sent to us.

Distribution of Data

We share your information with others as follows:

Third-party law firms: We send “leads” to law firms so that the law firm can contact the person who has a legal issue. A lead is someone who is looking for an attorney. Let’s say someone contacts us looking for an immigration lawyer in Calgary. We will attempt to forward the data to an immigration law firm in Calgary.

Marketing and IT agencies: We will not send data to these agencies, but they may have our website log-in information. They will be able to see data from people that use our contact forms.

Call centers: We do not currently use call centers or intake customer support centers.

Appropriate parties in the event of emergencies: We may send information to the police if we ever think someone is in danger.

Shared Information of Others

If you share information with us about third parties, please make sure they know about it and have access to this notice. You can send them the website link (URL.)

Data Security

At Clearway Law we take cyber security very seriously. We do not want to post about how we protect client data and our methods. If you have questions, please email us.

Storage & Retention of Information

Your information may be transferred out of your local jurisdiction or region. It will not be sent to China.

Data protection laws vary by country and those applicable in China and elsewhere are not equivalent to those applicable in, for example, Europe or certain other jurisdictions. Clearway will take steps to protect your information in line with locally applicable data protection requirements.

Clearway has implemented Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) approved by the European Commission. If you would like copies of the SCCs, please email us.

We generally keep your information as long as needed. Typical retention periods will range from two to ten years. If you want to request that we delete the data sooner than that, you can contact us.

Your Data Rights

If you are in Europe you have data protection rights. You can read about your rights below.

If you want to talk about your rights or make a request, please contact us via the email at the top of this notice. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can contact a privacy regulator in your jurisdiction.

Access: you are allowed to ask us if we have any data about you. You can also ask us to update the information and correct it. You are allowed to ask us to remove data. It’s also possible to ask us to send data to someone else.

Consent: where we are processing personal data with consent, you can withdraw your consent.

Mailing List Inclusion

You have the right to not receive emails from us. The only mailing list we use is Mail Chimp. There will be an “unsubscribe button” at the bottom of the email.

Website Cookies

We use cookies that identify your browser. They collect and store information when you visit our website about how you use it through which it is possible to record your use of the website, as well as provide you with a better service and experience when browsing and for analytics.

The personal data we collect through these technologies will also be used to manage your session.

Links to Other Websites

Our website, newsletters, email updates and other communications may, from time to time, contain links to and from the websites of others. The personal data that you provide through these websites is not subject to this privacy notice and the treatment of your personal data by such websites is not our responsibility.

We provide backlinks to other websites because we think the information will be helpful to our readers. We do not earn money from those backlinks.

If you follow a link to any other websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy notices which will set out how your information is collected and processed when visiting those sites.

Under Age Persons

We do not consent to receive information from persons under the age of sixteen (16).

Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time.


Clearway will make effort to handle the data of EU residents in compliance with the provisions set out under GDPR.

Contacting Clearway

Please advance any questions, comments, or inquiries to our email address: intakemanager (at) clearwaylaw (dot) com


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