Rajesh Mohan

Rajesh Mohan is a Family and Immigration Lawyer in the City of Toronto. He was called to the Bar in both Ontario and Queensland, Australia.

Rajesh obtained his LLB from the University of London and his B.A from York University. Rajesh also has a GDLP and LLM from Bond University.

Rajesh is a third generation lawyer and has been ingrained with legal acumen and interest since the moment he could crawl.

In his spare time, Rajesh can be heard discussion legal topics on the Toronto Radio station 102.7 East FM.

Rajesh is a confident and skilled advocate and is trained and experienced in appearing in front of all court levels, including Tribunals, the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Federal Court.

Family Law Referrals

Rajesh also is equipped to handled complex mediations and arbitrations,

Rajesh can help you in the following areas;

Family: : Divorce; Child Custody & Access; Spousal Support and Child Support; Child protection; Division of Property; Separation Agreements; Domestic Contracts; Religious Marriage Contracts; and Cross-Border/International family law issues.

Immigration; Holiday and Student Visas; PR applications/ Sponsorships; H&C applications; Refugee applications; Appeals and Judicial reviews