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What’s A Requisition Order? | BC Courts

Requisition Order BC Courts- Supreme Court

Are you confused about the requisition order in BC courts? The purpose of a requisition is to ask the court or judge to allow you to do something. In most cases, in order to make your request, you don’t have to appear before a judge or master. The form in BC Supreme court is form 17. An example of this might be to file a requisition form to ask the court to allow you to not show up at a case planning conference. You might also ask for costs to be awarded because the other party didn’t do something that they were meant to.

Requisition Order BC Courts*Form 17 in the BC supreme court is the requisition form.

You can also submit the form to the courts to ask for a change to a case plan order. It will need to be explained who the judge was who made the case plan order. You will also need to explain why you think the court order should be changed. Requisition orders are important, so it can be helpful to get self-represented coaching. Further, our law firm offers this legal service in BC and Ontario at an hourly rate.

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Further Ways You Can Use A Requisition Order

  • If you want to bring an emergency application to the courts. This means that if it’s approved, you won’t need to give notice to the other party. You will need to have a very good reason why it’s such an emergency.
  • If you and the opposing party don’t agree on what the law says. You can sometimes ask the court for a ruling so that things can move forward with the litigation.
  • If you want to appear in court by phone or video conferencing.
  • If you want to not have to appear for a case planning conference.
  • Basically, you can ask the court to do many things by using form 17. It is one of the most flexible forms to file. Further, other files have large costs and very strict rules.

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