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Revelstoke Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a Revelstoke family lawyer? Our law firm services the entire British Columbia for family law. Working with our law firm is something new and innovative. Our family lawyers pride themselves on being different. Our law corporation is excited to now be operating in BC. We just expanded our legal services to Salmon Arm and Revelstoke.

This saves you time traveling in a car, finding parking, and waiting weeks for a lawyer to be able to see you. In many remote or smaller towns in BC, it is not uncommon for a lawyer to have a several months waiting list. Just like a dentist, when you have a serious issue, do you really want to wait so long for help? Have a look at our law firm’s great reviews on Google Maps and Facebook. If you need a Revelstoke family lawyer, call our law firm toll free at 1-844-466-6529 You can also reach our law firm by using the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

Revelstoke Family Lawyer | BC Family Law Firm

At our family law firm, you can work with lawyers in British Columbia on the phone and by video conferencing. To clarify, you get the same experience you would by going into a law firm, but you don’t have to travel or wait weeks for an appointment. The system works well for the following areas:

There are not enough family lawyers in areas such as Revelstoke and Salmon Arm. We work efficiently and quickly on files and our family lawyers are in high demand, but by being remote we can help more clients. On the other hand, make sure to do your research before hiring a law firm. Have a look at the lawyers online reviews.

Questions And Answers

Where is your office located?

We work with our clients online, which means we can offer lower rates. We service the entire of BC and Ontario.

How much does it cost to get divorced?

It varies greatly. Normally it is around $2000 if you can keep it out of court. It also depends on how much back and forward there is. There are also court fees which are extra if you file for divorce.

How long does divorce take?

We can normally get what we need to do within a few weeks. But again, it depends on you, your spouse, the other lawyer, and the courts. It depends if anyone wants to raise issues.

We service the entire provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, regardless of where you are located. How does it work at ClearWay Law? You work with us 100% online.

Family Law Rates

File divorce – $1200+ court fees Separation-$1100 (extras apply) Prenup- $1100 (extras apply) Cohabitation- $1100 (extras apply) Child custody agreement- $1100 (extras apply) Guardianship agreement- 1100 (extras apply) Quick legal advice or review- $400 Legal opinion letter- $350 (if all documents are ready) … If more work hourly For child custody agreement you must have a parenting plan ready. For a separation agreement, you must have a financial statement ready. If you do not, then the hourly rate applies.

ISSUES WE RESOLVE (lawyers hourly rate)

  • Property Division
  • Child Custody/Access
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • We cannot help with child service cases.
  • Mediation – Via video conferencing
  • Prepare for court/self-represented coaching (not go to court)

Revelstoke family lawyer

Why Our Law Firm Exists

  The legal sector needs to change.   We want to ensure that everyone has access to legal support when they need it and have the best experience given the circumstances. For instance, we know divorce is stressful, and we want to make the process as easy for you as possible.   We want the legal profession to be inclusive and accessible to people who practice law no regardless of their personal circumstances.  

How Our Attorneys Are Different


  • We are committed to doing things differently.
  • We use technology and automation to keep our costs down.
  • Our law firm recruits people who are passionate about customer service and who prioritize what’s best for clients as well as themselves.
  • We communicate in plain English and not legal speak.
  • Our lawyers are clear about what’s fixed and where there’s flexibility.


Revelstoke Family Lawyer

If you want to learn more about the law in Canada, visit our Youtube channel. Learn about how children deal with separation in the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF-u4ig_e-E

Is Common Law 6 months in BC?

Is common law 6 months in BC? Or is it 2 years? At the ClearWay Law group, we often receive a lot of doubts and queries from the people of British Columbia.  The questions are normally around the estate and family laws. One of the most often asked questions is regarding common law – “Is Common Law 6 months in BC?”

For those who are confused about this question, what it essentially means is how much time (in this case, 6 months) is needed for a relationship to be legally accepted as a common-law relationship. A lot of people believe that the number is 6 months, and we are here to bust that myth.

Revelstoke Family Lawyer- Is The 6 Months Legitimate?

As of 8th March 2013, the Family Law Act (or FLA for short) says that for couples to be considered in a common-law relationship, they have to be living together for a minimum of 2 years. However, this number can go up to 3 years, depending on which province you are living in. More important than the amount of time you lived together is how you lived together.

If you want to know if you are common law, you should get a legal opinion letter from a lawyer. Our lawyers can do this for $150.

Common Law 6 months in BC

Are Couples Considered Married After A Certain Period?

You can live together for 3 years or 30. You can have 1 child together or 3. But none of these scenarios will change your status from a common-law relationship to that of a legally married couple. In order to be recognized as such, you must get married and obtain a legal certificate stating the same. This also means that if you decide to end your relationship, you will not have as many advantages, rights or legal protections as a married couple.

How Are My Rights Different After Separation?

When compared to married people, your rights are different in the following ways:

  •       right to a division of property
  •       right of inheritance of property if the estranged spouse dies without a will.
  •       the benefits from the residence you used to live in if it’s not in your name
  •       spousal support payments
  •       right to allowance from your spouse’s work

If Common Law Is Not 6 months… Then What Can I Do?

Different provinces have different legal protections for common-law relationships. Your property, spousal privileges, and child support can be protected if you are willing to sign certain documents. Talk to us to know more details regarding the same.

Use Clearway Law Services to find the perfect lawyer for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km2koesLnBc&t=1s

Revelstoke Family Lawyer- Do I Need To Live Separately To Prove Our Separation?

This is another common myth. We ourselves have witnessed common-law couples using this reason to prove their separation legally. The reality is that FLA demands there be proof of the communication of the intent of separation in unambiguous terms. You also need to show and prove actions taken to further your intent. Further, proof can include separate grocery bills, separate functional kitchens, bathrooms, and dissolving joint accounts.

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Common-Law 6 Months- Separation Agreements

After you have done so, the next step is to enter into a formal separation agreement. This is the document that spells out all the details about every aspect of your life. This may include property, child custody, and support. Further, if you have a legal background, maybe you can draft your own agreement. If you do not, then we highly recommend getting a separation made by legal professionals.

It is also to be noted that if you are an individual who has a criminal record, it might affect your chances in the adoption of children. It could also affect the chances of getting custody of your own child. In order to prevent that from happening, feel free to message us on our live chat at a time most convenient to you.

Separation Agreements

How Is Property Divided In A B.C. Common Law Relationship?

This all depends on whether you are considered a spouse under the FLA. If you are not, then as already mentioned above, you normally cannot stake claim to the division of property.

However, if you are legally considered a spouse (be it common law or marriage), you might be able to get a 50% share in your spouse’s property during your separation. This means that even if you have paid for maintenance or renovations, you can try and make a claim for the property.

A 50/50 split might also be given for shared assets and debts. This usually does not involve pre-relationship inheritances, property or gifts. This is different from the previous FLA, where the division of assets was not possible. This was true even for spouses that had been together for decades.

Spousal support is usually the same as above. If you are legally considered a spouse, then it does not matter if you are married or in a common-law relationship. In both cases, you usually have the right to claim spousal support. Therefore, family law is complex, and it’s important to find a family lawyer.

Revelstoke Family Lawyer – Do Children Change The Equation?

In any common-law relationship, the parents of the child have as much right over them as a married couple. The laws and parameters used to judicial custody, access or child support and parental arrangements are the same. Further, you don’t need to be married or common law to have rights and duties towards your child.

Both the parents will normally have an equal say in the child’s upbringing, health, education, and religion. However, do keep in mind that your child custody arrangements will have a heavy influence on the thinking of your child. But practically speaking, the parent with whom the child spends more time, might be the parent whom they listen to the most.

Getting Access To A Child- Common Law 6 months

Keep in mind that child custody is different from being given access to your child. In the former, you have an equal say in your child’s upbringing and life decisions. However, in the latter, the final decision will be that of the custodian of your child. Your opinion will usually be asked, but it will not be necessary to be adhered to.

Therefore, it is important to hire the correct lawyer for your situation. This lawyer can tell you exactly the child custody rights that you deserve.

In conclusion, use Clearway Law Services to find the best Revelstoke family lawyer for you!