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Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities

Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities

*March 2020 update- we have closed this funding round. We have also switched from a law firm to an online marketplace for legal services. Still free to reach out to speak about opportunities. You can reach out to our CEO on Linkedin directly.

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Looking for Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities? Clearway Law is currently raising $1.5 million and is open to speaking to Manitoba’s wealthy investors. In order to be able to make an investment, you will need to be considered an accredited investor. Each investor will normally invest over $200K. All investments will be subject to security commission rules.

Our law firm mostly does marriage agreements and separation agreements. But we also do family law litigation (but online.)

If you are curious about how we operate, have a look at this article.

We started this business because we were tired of hiring law firms that communicated poorly and let us down.

We are still working hard on this task. To achieve our goals, we now need to raise capital. Our law firm has been created to be the necessary change in the fractured legal industry.

Saskatchewan Investment OpportunitiesCanada Is Just The Beginning

We have spoken to investment funds, and they said they have no doubt that we can change the legal industry in Canada. The harder question was, can we do it in the USA? Most investors do not find the Canadian market interesting. There are too few people in Canada. Also, a lot of Canadians are very risk adverse. This means that the sales cycle in Canada is often much longer than in the USA.

Most funds that we have spoken to have asked us to consider not going after a Canadian expansion. They want us to maintain our presence here in Canada and focus on large states like New York and California.

We feel it’s important for investors to tell us what they truly think about the investment opportunity. It should never be looked at as a “yes” or “no.” It’s better for investors to tell us I like A, B, C but not this and that. We can then take a look at what the investor is suggesting and let them know if it’s something we would consider.

If you are curious about how law firms attract clients, see the video below.

Raising Money Is Only The Start

Raising seed capital is just the beginning. After that, we not only need to execute on the plan but on the right plan. If we have the capital and work hard, but on the wrong things, it’s no good. That is why in addition to capital, we are looking for mentorship and guidance. Right now, even without capital, our team is very overstretched. Therefore, we need to put a team in place that can help inside the business. Or, at the very least, to have a group of investors who look at the business from the outside and provide feedback on how things look.

Investors often catch things that the management team misses. This is a good thing because investors look at companies the same way that clients might.

Law Firms Need To Change | Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities

I was pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one that felt that the legal industry needed to change. Therefore, we started our law firm to focus on the client experience. We wanted to make sure clients had a great experience.

Our law firm became well known very quickly. Our phone rang off the wall, and our email inbox was full of requests. Alistair Vigier, our CEO, received a lot of hate emails from lawyers from the old school who perceived risk from a creative law firm. Lawyers created fake Gmail accounts to leave reviews and to email angry messages. We found it satisfying that they were so concerned.

Our intake team (of one person) is currently receiving so many calls that it is difficult for her to handle it. To better handle the demand, we are switching to a 100 percent online model. Our management company is raising money to build up our team of employees, recruit more wage lawyers and invest in automation. Most mistakes are made by people, robots seldom make mistakes.

Saskatchewan Investment Opportunities – Improving Law

We didn’t start to get rich in our law firm. ClearWay Law must become a thought leader to improve the legal industry. We want to write books, media articles, and talk at innovation conferences.

We would like to inspire other law firms to make customer service changes. No way would one law firm alone change the industry. We need other attorneys to “buy-in,” but we need to go first.

You should review some of the videos we created.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about the investment opportunity, click here.