Our affordable lawyers are available during COVID-19 to file documents and work on your legal needs. The courts are also now available again.

Coronavirus And Separation | Family Law

COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus And Separation

Mandatory Written Arbitration

Coronavirus and separation do not go well together. It makes divorce even harder than before. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, it could take years to get a trial in BC or Ontario. If you were filing an application, you might have to sit in court for two days. This would be in order to get heard for only 20 minutes and for a small matter.
The courts have been pretty much shut down for several months. Many contracts have been broken because of the virus. Therefore, the courts are going to be a disaster when they re-open. It might take 5 years of waiting to be heard by a judge in a trial. I believe that the only way to deal with the massive court waits will be mandatory written arbitration.
The courts in Ontario and BC should force many litigation matters to be arbitrated. There is a shortage of judges, but there are many arbitrators available to hear matters. Many people who are liable might not want to go to arbitration. That’s why the courts will have to order it. With arbitration, every step of the litigation process can happen outside of the courthouse. Both sides can still do discovery and examinations. Witnesses can provide their testimony via affidavits.
It’s unprecedented, but many things are these days. People cannot wait 5 years for justice, but that’s what will happen. The courts need to step up and make some changes. It won’t be easy for lawyers to adjust, but it’s what needs to happen.

Getting Legal Advice From A Lawyer | Coronavirus And Separation

Do you want to go through separation or divorce? You should speak to a top family lawyer. Call us toll-free at 1-844-466-6529. Our intake team will take your information and ask you questions. You will get a call back from a lawyer as soon as they are available. It’s an effortless way to get legal advice from an experienced family lawyer.
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Family Law

How To Get Divorced During COVID-19?

Most people are concerned about the effects the pandemic might have on their breakup and divorce given the increasingly changing environment around COVID-19. Common questions our Firm is being asked are: How do I navigate this overwhelming moment with a family lawyer? Can I reach a separation agreement despite many firms’ inability to function when being considered “Non-Essential” operations? Should I delay speaking with an attorney for a cohabitation agreement while self-isolating?
While the law remains one of the more conventional occupations, things are changing. Our lawyer’s paperless methods have proven effective in ensuring minimal in-person interaction. Social distancing is becoming a growing concern. The traditional avenues of hand-delivery of documents to courts aren’t going to work anymore. In times like these, lawyers that operate online shine. They do this by providing video consultations to potential clients. These top lawyers also use cloud-based file storage instead of paper boxes.

Coronavirus And Separation

 Our top-rated lawyers will and do draft separation agreements from home. This also reduces the expense of professional practice. This means that lawyers can offer better prices. So don’t wait until the pandemic is over to get your separation agreement created.
The first step in this process is to arrange a web or phone-based consultation with a lawyer. You can do this by contacting Clearway Law and speaking to our intake team. This method has proven advantageous regardless of COVID-19. We offer this alternative to those that need a lawyer.
The top lawyer will get to know you during your call or video appointment. They will also discuss your situation in-depth. Further, they will give practical legal advice. Normally this can take an hour. Each lawyer will have their own process for how to provide consultations. Some provide free 15-minute consultations. Others provide paid one-hour consultations.
If you want to learn more about separation and divorce, you can watch videos.

Getting Divorced With The Courts Closed

After your appointment, the lawyer you hire will likely give you a questionnaire to complete. This is what the top family lawyers use to draft the separation agreement. The lawyer then writes a copy of your agreement until they obtain your papers. They then use it to fill the agreement with your specific details. The lawyer will contact you by phone or e-mail with questions and more legal advice along the way.
After the first draft of the agreement has been read, another call or video conference is planned to go over the agreement. When the Arrangement is signed, a letter is written with professional legal counsel and addressed to your partner or their representative. Independent legal counsel is an important step in the negotiation and we still encourage it, because it enhances the arrangement.
Family properties in BC and Ontario are measured as of the date of your marriage.  Procedural delays may have adverse effects on land division rights. This will happen should house prices plunge or financial markets collapse. Of course, after the COVID-19 crisis subsides, the valuation of the assets may grow again. We could be in for rough times ahead.

Separation Agreements | Coronavirus And Separation

Separation during the Coronavirus is going to make things much harder. Situations like the COVID-19 pandemic can cause extreme stress and hysteria on a global scale. Allow an expert team of lawyers to show you the Clear Way to a less stressful divorce. Start a new beginning, by scheduling your free online consultation with a lawyer today.
All information in this article is legal information, not legal advice. You can only get legal advice by speaking to a lawyer.
The staff at ClearWay Law are focused on following through with our mission statement. Our mission is to make the family law industry less painful and less broken. We want to innovate the industry.

Lawyers are always rushing in and out of court. Our staff supports our lawyers by keeping the lawyers organized. Further, the lawyers keep the client up to date with what they are being charged. Also, our lawyers must get back to clients within 24 hours on business days.

Lawyers Need To Stay Organized

The lawyers are constantly reviewing their client’s files to make sure they did not overlook any small details.

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