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Supreme Court Civil Rules BC

Supreme Court Civil Rules BC


Are you trying to learn all the Supreme Court Civil Rules in BC? Good luck. It takes most lawyers over five years of practising law to know the rules.


If you are self-represented in BC, you should talk to us about legal coaching. Some people cannot afford a lawyer full time.


We have lawyers that help with Supreme Court cases in Victoria, Surrey, and Vancouver.


Having a lawyer represent you full time is always the best option. You should know that if you win your case, you can have the legal costs awarded to you. This means you get some or all of your legal fees back.


The best way to read the rules is on “BC Laws” website. However, you should read this article first for some legal tips.


Civil Rules Of Procedure BC


Of course, if you self-represent and lose your case, you can have to pay all the other sides legal fees. When going through a Supreme Court dispute, it’s not the time to try and save money.


It’s like if your roof was to collapse on your home, and the rain is coming. You start Youtubing how to fix a roof. If you are unemployed, you might have the time to do something. If you have a job, there is no chance.


You Will Likely Get Fined For Making Mistakes


But what if you make a mistake? Chances are that you will make many. The Supreme Court is a lot more strict than the Provincial Court.


We have seen people without lawyers fined $10,000 for missing deadlines. That’s about how much it would have cost to have a lawyer attend for them.


So now, because they are cheap, they lost their case and had to pay the legal fees anyway. Many people don’t have $10,000-20,000 to spend on a lawyer. Therefore, they borrow it.


Supreme Court Civil Rules Costs

Supreme Court Civil Rules Costs


A lot of people look up on Google “supreme court civil rules costs.” This doesn’t make sense. The court process is confusing, which is why you should have a lawyer.


The Supreme Court Civil Rules are extremely long. And it’s only a starting point. You might need to know about the Business Corporations Act or the Evidence Act. There are many Acts.


What is the opposing counsel mentions an Act or the Rules during the hearing? The judge will not care if you are a lawyer or not. The judge will not provide you with legal advice or help you.


Many judges in the Supreme Court of BC dislike parties without lawyers. Some are actively biased against self-represented individuals.


This is not right, but it does happen. Our estimate is that half of the judges dislike non-lawyers arguing in a higher level court. They feel it’s wrong.


The judge will be looking for any reason to rule against you. This might be controversial, but it’s true. The courts are not a place to see how things go.


Supreme Court Civil Rules Forms


You will have to search online for a way to get rid of the “hard coding” on the Supreme Court Civil Rules forms. You can convert them to a PDF, and then convert them back to Word.


It’s easy to find the forms, but they are a nightmare to use. It can take hours of formatting to get them right. Law firms already have them the right way, which saves critical time.


Again, the deadlines can be very tight.


If the form is not done correctly, then the court staff will reject your filing. If you miss a deadline, you might lose your case.


You will also likely need to pay the other sides legal fees. If not, you might get hit with special costs, which is basically a fine.


Legal Tips In British Columbia

Helpful Legal Tips In British Columbia


We will talk about some of the Supreme Court Civil Rules soon, but we want to provide some helpful tips first and discuss the issues.


Instead of just trying to memorize five-plus years of legal knowledge in a month, you should know the truth about going to the Supreme Court of BC.


We have had people contact us that are either being sued or are out a bunch of money because of something someone else did.


The claim is over $35,000. Therefore, it will be in the Supreme Court, not in small claims court. Let’s say the amount of the claim is $100K and Steve is being sued. 


Most Cases Settle In BC


Most cases settle before going to trial. A case can either be dismissed early on in the case “a motion to dismiss,” which isn’t what we actually call it in British Columbia. It’s called an application to strike pleadings.


The Supreme Court Civil Rules outline the procedures for all of these things.


Supreme Court Civil Rules BC


The case can also settle, normally after the discovery process is completed. People often want to know exactly how much it will cost. The lawyer has no idea.


Let’s say that Steve’s issue would have settled somewhere in the middle.


If Steve had hired a law firm to represent him, let’s say he would have spent $50,000 on the settlement and $20,000 on legal fees. A total cost of $70,000.


If Steve ignores the lawsuit or doesn’t win his lawsuit because he didn’t hire an attorney, then he might have to spend the following. $100,000 for the judgment against him.


Also, $20,000 for the other person’s legal fees. A total cost of $120,000.


This is extremely realistic and is based on many cases we have seen over the years.


Winning Your Court Case

Winning Your Court Case


Let’s now say that John is the person that contacts us. He is out $100K. If he hires a lawyer and wins, he might get $100K, plus his $20K legal fees.


If he loses, he might get nothing, and have to pay the other persons legal fees. This means he is now -$20,000.


Take the BC courts seriously, and hire someone that knows the Supreme Court Civil Rules.


The BC Laws website will outline the massive amount of rules. 


The procedural rules deal with: