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Surrey Divorce Coach

Surrey Divorce Coach


Are you looking for a Surrey divorce coach? If you are in British Columbia, this article will explain the differences between a divorce coach and a family attorney.

A family lawyer in BC often does the LSAT, law school for three years, articling (internship) for a year, and then passes the bar exam. They also must have a bachelors degree, or at least three years of undergrad, before applying to law school.

Just like doctors, lawyers in Britsh Columbia spend a lot of time getting their license.

Divorce Coaching Training

Some people take formal divorce coaching training, and others have experience working in a family law firm.

There are some programs, like the CDC Certified Divorce Coach program. It’s not required to go through a formal academic program.

ClearWay Law has a divorce coach in Surrey with over six years of working at a family law firm as a manager.

If you want to speak to a Surrey divorce coach, fill out a form on our website.

Surrey Divorce Coach

You should not hire a life coach to deal with a divorce. The coach needs to understand the process of divorce. It’s not just about dealing with your goals and feelings.

There are complicated things you will need to think about during a separation and divorce. You will also need to know the difference between divorce and separation. They are not the same thing in British Columbia.

When it comes to divorce, the experience is very important. A coach is often dealing with emotional situations. Even divorce lawyers don’t do a lot of legal work.

Pro Tip

You need to be separated for a year before the divorce is approved. However, you can submit the divorce at any time.

Getting Help With Separation And Divorce In Surrey BC

Most of the time, it feels more like being a psychologist. A lawyer or Surrey divorce coach is trying to get their client to relax.

The purpose of the divorce coaching program is to get to a point where a separation agreement (or divorce contract) can be signed.

The reason why some people prefer to hire a divorce coach in Surrey BC is that they don’t trust lawyers. They think the lawyer or attorney might try and push things into litigation (the court.)

Also, they might not be able to afford a law firm. However, some work with a coach first, and then hire a lawyer at a later date.