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Surrey Family Lawyer

Are you looking for a Surrey Family Lawyer?  Our law firm provides legal services to Surrey and White Rock in the areas of family law. We also provide legal advice to Delta and Langley. We service the entire provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, regardless of where you are located. How does it work at ClearWay Law? You work with us 100% online.

We can assist you in the following areas of family law:

  • Legal advice
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Help with restraining orders (when it involves children)
  • Property division
  • Family property issues
  • Spousal support
  • Help with common law disputes
  • Separation agreements
  • Marriage agreements
  • Custody agreements

Our divorce lawyers want to move you away from frustration and stress, and towards a clear path forward.

Surrey Family Lawyer

If you need to hire a lawyer, you can reach our intake team in three different ways:

  1. Call our toll-free number at 1-844-466-6529
  2. Book a consultation with a senior manager on our main page
  3. Reach out to us via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen

Our law group is unique in that we offer legal services and advice over the phone, email, and video conferencing. Instead of having to drive around, pay for parking, and spend over a week waiting for an appointment with a lawyer, you can hire a lawyer right away, if you need. Even if you are not ready to hire an attorney yet, you will get a clear understanding of what needs to happen.

Surrey Family LawyerQuestions And Answers

Q: How are you able to offer simple separation agreements for only $1100 when the market rate is $2000+?

A: First of all, it’s a simple separation agreement. If the matter is complex the cost will be more. The agreement also doesn’t cover people going back and forward and arguing. Our law firm also saves a lot of money on rent since we are 100% online. We can pass on these savings to our clients.

Q: What is the process for signing up with your law firm?

A: It’s very simple at ClearWay Law. All we need from you is your ID for conflict check, payment information, and a signed copy of the letter of engagement.

Q: What’s in the letter of engagement?

A: It explains what we are going to do for you, costs, and how we can best work together.

Surrey Family Lawyer- Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our law firm is a big believer in alternative dispute resolution, which means we try and keep you out of court. We want to simplify your legal issue and reduce the amount of money it costs you. Why would we want to do that? Because we would rather have happy clients that pay us less and refer their friends to us. We don’t want to squeeze you for money and then get a bad review and many angry phone calls.

Old school law is dying, and we are making sure we are aligning ourselves with what customers want. We are a client-focused law group.

If you want to watch videos about family law instead of reading, click here.

Surrey Family Lawyer

The Future Of Law Firms

In an ever-changing world it is paramount that law firms change with the times. Sadly, many cannot do this thereby creating an opportunity for new enterprises.

Our law group have been for some years trying to get lawyers to look at working remotely to reduce costs and pass on those savings to clients. The technology is there but not really being exploited to full potential. Being a “virtual” firm allows much greater geographic coverage and the ability to service clients from across the province. Therefore, this is why we work remotely, we get happier clients that leave us 4-5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.

Breaking the mould in the delivery of traditional legal services is not easy. Many lawyers like to cling to the existing models of law because ‘we have always done it that way’. We are constantly educating lawyers and encouraging them to become client focused. This means sending a survey at the end of the client/attorney relationship. Some attorneys are afraid of the feedback they will receive. Not our law group, we love to hear the great reviews that clients give us.

Surrey Family Lawyer – Get a consultation

No, it’s not being cheap. If a law firm will give you a free consultation, it proves their confidence in handling your case, and if that happens, discuss everything that you need – separation agreements, custody and access laws, properties, estates, financials, power of attorney and all other things that you consider. A confident law firm will lay out their solution for you, regardless if you agree to go with them or not.

Get a recommendation

Having a hard time finding one yourself? Ask your friends or family members and see if they can recommend one for you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about how satisfied they are with their current lawyer’s services. Did the lawyer charge properly for the services that they offer? Do they respond appropriately to all the queries that they had? A lawyer that’s trusted by your friends or close family members might work for you too.

Surrey Family Lawyer- Know how much you can spend on their services

In any case, we want the best lawyer that can represent us and win. But of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. When talking to a lawyer you’re planning to hire, be honest in how much you can work with – a well-known lawyer will always be assumed to be expensive, but depending on what you want to achieve, it doesn’t mean that they can’t present solutions that will fit your budget.

There are many divorce mistakes to avoid, so reach out to us to protect your family. You can speak to us via the live chat function in the bottom right of the screen.

Make a shortlist and meet with them

You’re done with searching and you got 20 possible lawyers to consider – please do yourself a favor and narrow it down to just five. You just need 1 to represent you, not a whole army. Meeting with your potential lawyers is good for you since you’ll have a feel if they’re just there for your money or if they care about your situation.

Anyone can fake an empathetic voice over the phone, but seeing a genuine sincere gesture face to face is different. Listen to how they discuss and observe the approach they’ll take on your case. Does it sound like someone selling you insurance? Or does it sound like someone confident that they will get the job done for you? Only you can figure that out.

Surrey Family LawyerTake a double look

Now that you’ve created your list, met some of the lawyers you’re interested to work with. Once you think that you’ve found the perfect one for you, you are on your way! However before signing on something, make sure you verify with the Law Society of Canada. They will make sure that the lawyer you will be choosing has a good standing and is licensed properly.

Be patient

Choosing the right lawyer for the job takes time. It’s not something that you decide on a whim. Consider all the previous tips before deciding. Remember the reasons why you need to win this case.

About Family Lawyers

Family lawyers often play a dual role a therapist and as a lawyer. This is because of the emotional stresses and financial sides of our work. We work with a lot of victims of abuse, bot physically and mentally. In take on clients, we often bear the brunt of their partners abuse as well, which can be emotionally draining.

We also normally deal with high conflict files. But it’s our goal to always find peaceful resolution between the spouses. We would rather encourage settlement than move forward through the costly court system. A good lawyer should always try and resolve things cheaply and quickly (if possible.) A separation agreement is almost always worth a try.

A large part of a family lawyers’ job is to resolve issues among the parents. This is done to pave a safe and healthy path for children to move forward. We will always fight for whatever is in the best interest of the child(ren.)

It is hard not to take our work home with us, as we often become our clients confidents and support system. Clients often call us on weekends and after 8pm at night. Sometimes people call us instead of the police (they shouldn’t.) This sometimes happens after someone has been raped, assaulted. At times it’s after finding out that their child was abused.

In conclusion, reach out to our law group today to get help with your legal issue!