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Life During The Holidays When Divorced

Take Time for The Holidays When Divorced

Life during the holidays can be a challenge. This holiday season, leave whatever is left at the office.  It is more important than ever to create time for you and your loved ones. Home life during the holidays is important. One needs to be present; to make memories; to participate.

The importance of home-life balance has been brought to the forefront in recent years, specifically as it applies to the law profession. According to a U.S. study by researcher Patrick Krill, lawyers have a rate of depression three times higher than the general population. Because these findings are directly linked to a profession rather than a nationality, Krill is certain the Canadian results would be the same.

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Life During The Holidays

Life During The Holidays- Changing How Lawyers Work

Our law firm is changing the way lawyers work, and it benefits both the professionals and their clientele. ClearWay Law  is a family law practice, with both lawyers and support staff working from their homes. This keeps both the professionals and their clientele at ease. People who need a family lawyer often are upset, even distraught. It is much less intimidating to arrive at a home office than a big trendy office downtown where parking is difficult and expensive.

ClearWay Law CEO Alistair Vigier says, “We are changing the way law firms operate, and it benefits everyone.” The virtual office brings savings that can be passed along to the client. Vigier’s firm offers flat fee services on a variety of levels, giving the client clear choices about how to proceed while staying within their budget. The lawyers explain the options to their clients and make it possible to keep their costs down.

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Life during the holidays can be a challenge
Life during the holidays can be a challenge

If a case does need to go to court, the client can opt to represent himself and use the lawyer’s expertise for coaching rather than representation. The savings for them are enormous. “Clientele are made to feel they have options and are led through a discovery process that leaves them ready to move on to the next stage of life,” says Vigier.

Reduce Stress During The Holidays

Spending more time at home reduces the stress of the commute, the tension of a strict timetable, and virtually eliminates the need for transition time between work and home life. It also allows more time with children for those who are parenting. Parents are likely to feel better when they have time with their offspring, and it’s good for the children to share their school stories right after school rather than at a dinner happening hours later, if indeed it happens with the whole family at all. Being at home is far better for everyone than feeling stressed trying to find time to spend with the kids.

According to sociologist Kei Nomaguchi, there is emotional contagion. Whatever you are feeling will be passed on. An exhausted, frustrated parent can transfer those feelings to the kids. Parents can actually have a negative impact on their children while in a stressed state.

A good family lawyer will assist the estranged couple with communication and help bring them to a suitable agreement. In the comfort of a home office, this will feel more like help from a professional counselor than an all-business, you-against-me appointment with a lawyer.

Life During The Holidays

A 2017 report by the Conference Board of Canada showed the damage of mental stress. Lost productivity caused through depression and anxiety costs the Canadian economy almost $50 billion a year.  When Statistics Canada asked people about their greatest unmet needs for mental health care, counseling and therapy topped the list.

The Canadian Law Society now offers assistance in a number of different ways. They help those who struggle with mental heath or addiction.  Counseling is within easy reach. If you’d just like to speak with another lawyer about the challenges you face, that option is available.

Life during the holidays can be hard. Take time for your life this holiday season. It’s important.

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Managing Divorce and Children During the Holidays

Are you managing divorce and children during the holidays? Most newly separated or divorced couples wait until just before Christmas to decide who the child should spend the holiday with. Things can get busy in December with people taking holidays and time off work. It is best to pre-plan to avoid any last minute stress.

If you got divorced and have children, then you will always have your ex-spouse in your life. You need to work together to arrange access times, deal with issues with the child, and go to parent/teacher nights. When the child gets married, graduates or has a child of their own, you and your spouse both will likely be there.

There is very little you can do about that. But you can make decisions based on the best interests of the child. The child’s needs and wants are almost always the priority to the parents. Family law courts almost always care more about the child than the parents.

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Here are some things to consider according to what the law says regarding the best interests of a child:

  • Ensure the greatest possible protection of the child’s physical, psychological and emotional safety
  • Consider the child’s physical, psychological and emotional needs, including the child’s need for stability
  • Be aware of any family violence, including its impact on the safety of the child and other family and household members
  • The parents must communicate and cooperate on issues affecting the child

Life During The Holidays- Managing Divorce

Managing Divorce and Children During the Holidays

The holidays are often a hard time for people with broken families. Often parents want the child to have a “magical” Christmas, with snow falling outside to a warm fire. When the child is split between two houses, this dream is often a fantasy. Instead, pre planning is the best way to go to make things as good as possible.

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Try and have the best holidays possible!